Storm 5 – October 17, 2010

Update 2: So that’s what happened to it! Thing just disappeared. This is an over night shot. As you can see it wandered south, found some sub trop moisture and is flinging it backwards, back into California! It is a desert weather event now.

Weather Service Forecast

Weather Service Forecast

Update: The fifth super lame storm this year. Brought in a sprinkle, some breezes and a bunch of clouds causing extremely brilliant sunsets. Got a camera and live in California? Use it. The sunsets are amazing thanks to this super-lame storm.

The heat came back one more round, but it appears the first real Pacific storm of the 2010-11 season is here. It isn’t the typical Summer pattern cold air blast from the north. This storm is a genuine extratropical mix and will bring joy-giving and life-giving rains to the hills and the Great Valley’s floor. I have no idea how much, the since the storm lacks size, as in girth, vastness, but the delicious juiciness of the clouds is unmistakable.

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