It’s Americans voting against themselves

CBS News: 600,000 jobs lost since 2000 in Ohio alone, half that number since 2008. Story interviewed a woman who lost her job but is now working for the Republicans, who are paying her to phone bank up to the election! Her message: “no Obama jobs; just return to Republican rule to create a business-friendly environment.” In otherBelieve it or not, voices of dumb people like her aren’t motivating smart voters to the polls. Somebody said to me, “It’s Americans voting against themselves. The more they do this, the more I’m inclined to just throw my arms up and say, ‘Okay, have it your way.'” People like these Tea Partiers and hardcore Republicans, they make it hard to care for the country. You want to care, but you get exhausted trying to fight them.

The irony of liberals not voting and “plunging the country into darkest night” – is – they supposedly care for this country the most.

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