Storm #4, an early cold front

Say goodbye to one of the latest heat waves ever. Now say hello to a really early cold front. It’s not very big, but significant enough to bring real winter weather back to central California after it made such a late departure and delayed summer.
This cold front ends the desert monsoonal slopover event of the weekend.
A forgotten angle to desert monsoonal slopover is raisin damage, a local ag concern. There hasn’t been a major monsoonal weather outburst here since the 70s, but early rains with heavy extra-tropical influence have come through in early October many times. The grapes are picked and then laid to dry on paper sheets in between the rows of grapevines in August/September. They generally need to be all picked up off the ground by October 5, as letting them stay longer and you are really risking it. Cool weather can delay the picking up of the grapes because they aren’t raisins yet. Incidentally, raisins in English means “dried grapes”. But in French means “Grapes”. And in Frenglish you’d say “Dried raisins.” Tell that to your grandpa to give him a fit about how dumb kids are these days. All into iTunes, video games and texting. When we were kids, we’d play catch! We had baseball mits and go steal balls from Biden Field and play baseball! The thunderstorms over the valley last weekend did no damage to the raisin crop, offering very spare precipitation, and the high heat right before must have really been great for drying raisins. A new low pressure trough is now over central California, and a cold front is moving through, ending once and for good perhaps the last of Indian Summer. A heavy downpour from a thunderstorm is possible today, and winter storm conditions will appear for the first time over the central and southern Sierra. The arrival of cold air is pushing the monsoons well to the east and off to a weather graveyard. Today here comes the big change from warm season to cold season.

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