August and September, 2010 in review: the slideshow

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1. Reel Pride 2010 (The 21st Annual Fresno International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival) September 15-19, 2010, Tower District, Fresno, California.
2. Kampout Fresno, September 10-12, 2010, Madera County, California
3. Miss Biola Contest, August 27, 2010, Red Lantern Bar, Fresno, California

The Den, my favorite Bar, caught fire while we were at Kampout, on Sunday, September 12. September 11, 2010 was its last day of being open for business until further notice. I haven’t been out. Nowhere to go! Somebody tried to burn it down I’m quite sure, but there’s no word. I seriously believe it was same neighborhood punks that thrashed a truck parked in front of the Red Lantern (located about a block away) two months ago and were caught on their surveillance cameras. The Den is currently appealing for financial and legal assistance and its staff wants to rebuild.

There’s been a lot of bar fires in Fresno the past 3 years, so it’s kind of strange. I’m sure those responsible are the Fresno morality patrol that has prevented a variety of gay businesses from finding quality digs here. Go anywhere else in California, you’ll find gay businesses in much nicer parts of their respective towns. Fresno’s do-gooders have worked hard to make Fresno a California landmark city for “Family Values.” From holding the nation’s largest Tea Party rally to being selected for some sort of Millennium gathering site for the Promise Keepers, to having a Mayor that literally banned Carlos Santana from doing another concert here, Fresno’s right wing is a very active community in society and politics.

The Den Fire
Joe. My. God.: Fire Destroys Fresno Bear Bar
‎”Bears” are big guys or guys with lots of hair; i.e., ordinary Joes, guys with beards, who wear boots and jeans and call it high fashion, guys who have a tummy on ’em, etc. Believe it or not, the 4th arson attempt on a Fresno gay bar the last few years. There’s also been homes attacked by firestarters. Not 1 hate crime investigation yet.

“This bar is my hangout…er, was my hangout. There is no electrical in the area where it started. Fires at gay bars in Fresno is not that unusual to be honest. The Circle was burned, rebuilt, and burned again before it could open. Earlier this summer, someone tried to set it on fire again, but it only scorched the fence. The express has had Molotov cocktails thrown at it, with only minor success earlier this year.” — Comment left on Joe.My.God.

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