Goin’ Campin’ with Bears in the Woods

Sleeping Bag
x – Sleeping Mattress
x – Tent
Pillow – my pillow hates leaving home, I’ll just use rolled up shirts
x – Blanket
Extra Blanket
x- Flashlight
y – Keys
x – Backup key
y – Cellphone, charged
Maps – can’t find, headed to Herb Bauer now

Nutrition bars

Drivers License
ATM Card

x – Underwear
Scarf (nope – I’ll just lose it)
x – Socks
y – Boots
x – Reef sandals
x – Shorts
x – Swim shorts
x – Coat/jacket/windbreaker
x – Hat (Fresno Grizzlies)
x – Cool Shirts
x – Underlayer shirts
x – Gloves

x – Toothpaste
x – Mouthwash
x – Razor
x – Toothbrush
x – Floss
x – Deet
x – Cologne
x – Saline solution
x – Soap

x – Lighter
x – Matches
x – bottle opener

x – compass
x – scissors

Diet coke

x – Citalopram
x – Backup Inhaler
x – Diet Medicine
x – Cimetridine (acid reducer)
x – Psusafded
x – Saw Palmetto
x – Acidolphilus
x – Green Tea
x – DHEA
x – Milk Thistle
x – horny goat
x – Aspirin
x – Claritin
x – melatonin
x – Trojans
x – KY
x – Antifungal cream
x – Anti Monkey Butt powder
x – Multivitamins
y – Cialis (take before you leave)
x – minoxidil
x – sunscreen

Music – can’t go wrong with Rhino’s The Disco Years, Part 1: Turn the Beat Around 1974-1978
Player – somebody will have one
x – Camera and charged batteries
x – Storage chips

NOT taking
z Shaving cream – use razor, rubbing alcohol
z washcloth and towel – use dirty clothes as washcloth or towel

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