Rude Seattle!

Washington State is an interesting place. 4 interesting things happened the 4 days I was there. First off, I’d like to say the food was good and unlike most people, I loved the weather. There are tons of military history museums, including the aviation museum that has the actual United Air Lines’ first plane. The place was gorgeous, the air so clean, the fine dining and even the everyday fare at local independent restaurants were fantastic throughout the city and its suburbs. Mt. Baker and Mt. Pinochet, or whatever that big mountain is called, were so glorious. What a lovely place.
Downtown with its wharfs, harbor and Farmer’s Market was fantastic as well. Interestingly, Seattilites of every stripe hangout in the downtown area parks. I’ve never in Cali seen white people from uptown in the fancy dresses and suits sit down for a picnic amid discarded IV needles amid homeless people of color. That was real interesting how it was like both peoples couldn’t even see each other.
The trip to Washington State had several annoyances you don’t encounter in California.
But if there is one thing that drives you more insane is hearing Seattle bemoan their weather. Oh, wo is us!! Rain, this. Rain, that. We re such gallant sufferers!! Hey, I love rain. Rain is definitely the one thing NOT wrong with Seattle.
The whole city is overrun by SUVs. And those people drive nothing but SUV’s. House-sized ones! I mean, it’s ridiculous. I was enjoying the long sunset, some behemoth parks beside me, and I’m in the shadow of some thing with a Honda logo on it. I had no idea Hondas got that big! On the East Coast of the USA, small cars are popular, especially Subarus and various smaller American sedans.
So anyway, I go into a mini mart and fill up a soda and pay for it with a large bill. The clerk proceeds to blatantly shortchange me – by a huge amount. He looks at me smugly as I asked for the correct change and decides, begrudgingly, to give it to me. He was very close to pretending I gave him a small bill. He was a very handsome Asian man who thought “my kind” was inferior. I for all intents and purposes appear to be a Latino to most people, except Latinos. I was shocked that attitude of prejudice.
In Fresno, the Asian mini mart storekeeps always treat you fair! Down here in Fresno, the Latinos are a well known population and they aren’t known to be dumb. Later on, I had to use the restroom at a burger place with a one-toilet bathroom without a stall (thing was stinky and filthy – it was in an ARBY’s) and a door with a bad latch. While washing my hands, a white dude with a nasty 5 o’clock shadow and a muscular body walked right in sat down on the toilet and started to poo. The door didn’t latch properly. I thought I had locked it. I go back outside, he took forever in there. When that guy comes out, I start to enter when another white guy with long hair, part Native American, maybe?, barges right past me and locks the door in my face.
Neither one of those incidents ever happened to me – in my life! In Fresno, people always ask if you were waiting, except at Costco. At Costco, the old ladies are really vicious. You know, people out in public in Fresno actually hold the door open for you? Restaurants, banks, 7-11, anywhere you go. They all do it! Except the hoodlums.
Seattle’s downtown is nice, but just choked with those awful SUV’s, but I like the Locks Area, where the Army Corps of Engineers has a big headquarters, on the other side of the big lake nearer the breathtaking gumdrop shaped Olympic Mountains. Seattle has little mass transit, like LA, but very few freeways, unlike LA. So you don’t have many choices out of a traffic jam. The sprawl was just too much to take. Some diligent people have acted to preserve Puget Sound’s forest stands from the rampant development.
The last thing that happened was pulling into a public lot in Downtown Seattle near Space Needle and inquiring a parking attendant if it was okay to park in the lot, how long as it open, and just getting this snotty answer like “can you read?” It was a black lady. Augh! I really have a distaste for snotty behavior among those who deal with the public. BE NICE. But nice behavior is not that common in Seattle! Come down to Fresno. We may have graffiti and public school playgrounds covered in temporary “bungalow” classrooms, but at least the people here are nice to you.
Except on freeways. In Fresno, people don’t signal and they always try to make you speed up for them by riding your ass. Very rude.

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