How China Outdid Everyone

A multitude of countries have cheap labor and adequate infrastructure: Costa Rica, México and India for example. But only China has been the hands-down winner, going from third world to first at breakneck speed and becoming the go-to place for building high tech products from the fastest speed trains to Apple Computers. Any small, cheap appliance at Walgreen’s as well is sure to have been made in China.
Everybody manufacturing in China are using the same raw materials: including the Congolese products shown in this video:

The Chinese-refined and processed Congolese raw materials, those 3 T’s, imported by the Chinese directly from Congo, are very cheap and one of the reasons why companies like to make things in China. It’s not just cheap labor. The Chinese have near-exclusive access to Congolese raw materials because the European Union and many other countries have banned the import of Congolese raw minerals. However, since processed materials don’t count as “importation of Congolese raw materials, we still we still are buying it anyway in the form of finished consumer products.
By the time the 1st and 2nd Congo Wars were brought to an end, around 2002, it was one of the largest, most deadliest conflicts zones in the world ( The turning point was those importation bans by Europe and the US. The deadly war has since restarted, fueled by the arrival of Chinese vessels to buy more cheap raw materials.

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