Miss Biola Contest 2010 at Fresno’s Red Lantern Bar

Great exuberance, lots of unexpected moments, a contest as unique as its name was embraced by the gay community’s bar scene Friday night at the Red Lantern, Fresno’s oldest still-operating gay bar. The contest had lots of quirky features besides its name. Loved the first question of the question and answer segment being in German! Hilarious! The amplifier was also set to 11. It seemed to be part of the atmosphere to have your ears ringing. I’ve heard tall tales of glorious legendary shows during the 80s, by the people who were in them, don’t know if this one compares… but the room was packed and everyone loved it, especially the performers, so I think it may. And the liquor flowed like water. I found out what a “rail party” is. Then there came getting home: TAXI!
Who won? The campiest drag of course.
My friend Pat (of Pat and Matthew) won Friday’s Miss Biola contest, as Miss Viola Controlla. She wore byfar the most complex getup created by any of the performers. The previous winner, who’s outfit was also very radical, was declared “Biola’s Queen Mother For Life.” She won with her camp drag that reminded me of comediennes Carol Burnett and Lily Tomlin. My friend Danny (of Danny and Brian) was a total surprise in his drag debut, looking like a lumberjack in a dress. Will I ever do drag? Never say never, but so far I don’t see the need for that Queen to emerge yet, but The Miss Biola Contest expanded the possibilities.

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