Presenting XXtraHeat®, A Product of EarthCorp®

The Climate Products division of EarthCorp®, a division of Exxon-Mobil-BP, is proud to present its brand new XXtra® lineup of weather event products. XXtraHeat Nationwide® brings summer heat like never before! And the sunny-side is extra delicious tree fruit, melon and corn, plus bumper crops for your farm operation. Summer resort operators will delight in the XXtra® traffic driven their way by summertime revelers crazy from the heat! And as you know, good fresh food, great nutrition, sun, fun and play is what families demand from their climatologist. Caution: XXtraHeat® is made with XXtraRetain® technology with XXtrarelease®. Due to hot air’s ability to hold extra water vapor, side effects may include massive flooding when combined with certain kinds of air movements, in rare cases causing loss of life or property. If water levels rise where you are, consult your local rescue, as this may be a sign of a serious weather condition. So remember! For XXtra® sweet fruits and tasty crops of corn and melons, and a summer you’ll always remember, talk to your meteorologist and find out if XXtraHeat® is right for you.

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