Put Up or Shut Up

Hey, Democrats: If there ain’t no recovery, shut up! If you hold Afghan elections and the guy who loses wins, shut up!! If you bail out the banks but can’t do anything for main street, shut up. If you create a program for lowering mortgages, but it doesn’t actually work, shut up. If the war is not really over, shut up. If we still can torture, shut up. If we are waging shadow warfare, shut up. If healthcare is still run by the same for-profit healthcare industry that’s been killing us, shut up. If gays are still getting kicked out of the military, shut up. If there’s no border crime but you’re still putting up a huge border fence, shut up. If you don’t question the right, but question the location, shut up. If you whine about the supreme court decision but don’t introduce any campaign finance reform, shut up. If you think the world of green energy, but for now want more drilling, shut up. If you let BP walk all over you, shut up. If you face a filibuster but never seriously challenge it and use it as a convenient excuse for not doing anything, shut up!! Cut the crap with your change, your reforms, your withdrawals, your love of the Freedom of religion. Put up, or shut up!!

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