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General Election
(Tuesday, November 2, 2010)
Positions I’ve expressed so far: Yes on 19 (Regulate and Tax Cannibis Act), Yes on 25 (Simple majority to approve a state budget), Jerry Brown for Governor, Barbara Boxer for Senator

Gay Life
The Miss Biola Contest is this Friday! Which Valley drag will earn the coveted crown of the Fabulous Miss Biola? How many will do a Gaga song? How many beers will I drink? Savin’ my dollahs, pennehs and dimes, just get me to the bar on time. http://redlantern.info/

Gay Life
Can somebody post the promo graphics on display in the bar? They just about say it all.

via Scott M: As you can see in the video below, at some point during the rally, a dark-skinned man wearing an Under Armor skullcap and what looks like a necklace with a Puerto Rican flag walked through the anti-“Mosque” crowd. The crowd, astutely recognizing that he is on his way to build the mosque, begins to chant… “NO MOSQUE HERE” at him. Someone says, “run away, coward.” The man turns around, perturbed. “Y’all motherfuckers don’t know my opinion about shit,” he says. Au contraire, my friend: You are a black man wearing a skullcap, after all! You are definitely a pro-Mosque, anti-freedom Jihadist! Why, aren’t you, in fact… Osama Bin Laden??

Speaking of paganism, I had tarots read to me the other night at Bear Frenzy. Mavis said, basically, “carry on as you do, you’ll be fine!” Actually, I didn’t understand a thing. Here’s something more about tarot cards.

There was a proposal in Congress, remember, but nickel and diming has come to the airline industry worldwide. Travel lightly, or pay fees as high as $500 for carry-on baggage! (See Air Berlin) 2 US domestic airlines still have “bags fly free” policies, but what if you need switch carriers in Denver?
“About Budget Air Passenger Carriers and Baggage Fees”


As far as I can guestimate, landmark overdraft protection ban that went into effect a short time ago, passed by the Democrats and President Obama, will save me about $650 this year, about $1300 next year. That pays my income taxes and auto insurance combined.
“The Age of the $35 Latte is over”

California Election
Meg Whitman for California governor radio ad points out how when Democratic candidate Jerry Brown was Mayor of Oakland, a city employee under him was CAUGHT stealing money! Imagine that! CAUGHT! BUSTED! Better vote for Meg. We can’t have people getting caught for doing bad things.
“Jerry Brown: A Legacy of Failure?”

California Election
Brown may have been demonized as a terrible politician because he was against the death penalty, but remember, he presided over a state that led the nation in education. Had he had his way, we’d have speed trains right now. Choose Jerry over Meg Whitman? Of course!

College Sports
Fresno State has recently joined the Mountain West Conference, hoping to be in a BCS conference at last. The drama began when the rules for a Championship Conference became there had to be at least 12 teams in it. So the PAC-10 will become the PAC-12. They didn’t invite us, so we joined MWC.
“The Mountain West Conference Facebook feed (humor)”


To think Ronald Reagan and Hillary Clinton practiced Paganism (Ouija boards, tarot readings, palm readings, seances, Astrology, listening to EWF). I don’t practice Santeria, I don’t have no crystal ball, if I had a million dollars, I’d spend it all!
“McConnell: I Take Obama ‘At His Word’ That He’s A Christian”

Gay Life
I just had the wildest gay dream about living with these five or six young guys who would hang out in a downstairs garage late at night until “it was time” and break out into musical numbers. The highlight was the reworked, in the style of “Glee”, version of Marvin Gaye’s “Jamaican Love”! JA-MAI-CA, MY LOVE! JA-MAI-CA-MY-LOVE!

What? WHO has a problem? THIS poor guy has a problem: he’s very wicked and nasty!
“Franklin Graham, Evangelical Minister: Obama’s ‘Problem Is That He Was Born A Muslim’ (VIDEO)”

LGBT Rights
Direct action is FUN STUFF!
“Bigotry Special at Target”

Buy Local
All these bad egg stories are making me hungry for eggs. Think I’ll head over to the farmers market for free range eggs. The farmer lets his chickens run around and they nibble on a fresh cabbage patch, not feed. He picks up their eggs from out of the grass, loads ’em up and drives to Fresno. Yummmmm

Buy Local
Got back from farmer’s Market. Holy schmoly! This 1 year old aged cheddar from Bravo Farms of Tulare is totally out of this world! Some organic lacinato kale, sorrel and chili peppers from Kingsburg, Fresno Fish Market California Rolls. FM is Saturday mornings, Wednesday afternoons behind eyeglass center shaw & blackstone.

Something uplifting dammit!
“John Mellencamp – Pink Houses”

This clip is from Day 3 of John Stewart standing up for the Muslim Community Center (featuring actual rendering of what it will look like when finished). You’ll be surprised by the end of the clip by the words of a conservative 11 years ago about how liberals (including John himself) also engage in some very bad political behavior. Roll 23!
“Extremist Makeover – Homeland Edition”

Hello, double dip! Democrats, give us somewhere to go when we get cut from our teams. Send us to college, for training, to get picked up by a public sector agency. Anything.
New Unemployment Claims SURGE, Hit Highest Level Since November 2009

Islamophobia, Christanophobia
I live just around the corner from Masjid Fresno, the mosque across from Fresno State. Up the street is a church that used to play its chimes daily, but doesn’t anymore, presumably because the Mosque doesn’t get to do calls to prayer. In India, every morning, a joyous religious cacophony as mosques, temples and churches do calls, chants and chimes!

Imagine being the family of Salman Hamdani. The 23-year-old New York City police cadet was a part-time ambulance driver, incoming medical student, and devout Muslim. When he disappeared on September 11, law enforcement officials came to his family, seeking him for questioning in relation to the terrorist attacks. They allegedly believed he was somehow involved. His whereabouts were undetermined for over six months, until his remains were finally identified. He was found near the North Tower, with his EMT medical bag beside him, presumably doing everything he could to help those in need. His family could finally rest, knowing that he died the hero they always knew him to be. –WFR
No wonder the NYPD has no objection to the Muslim Community Center 12 FREAKIN’ BLOCKS away from ground zero, in a location it belongs: the Muslim quarter of Manhattan.

My eyes are rolling.
Rima Fakih, Muslim Miss USA, Questions ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Location. Rima Fakih, the first Muslim Miss USA, has come out against the location of the so-called “Ground Zero mosque.” Fakih, whose faith caused a bit of an uproar when she was first crowned, told Inside Edition on Monday that while she concurs with President Obama on… Freedom of Religion…”

Favorited on YouTube The Recession Really Is Here 100408

9 Signs Your Husband Is GAY, According To ChristWire.org (PHOTOS)

Todays NY Muslim Community Center news! Howeird Dean against, calls it “an affront”; Speaker Nanci Pelosi for, calls for “investigations into the opposition.” Senator Al Franken for: “It’s a community center. It’ll have a gym. It’ll produce Muslim point guards!” NYPD, NY Mayor: the center is fine where proposed. “Howard Dean On ‘Countdown’ Stands By Call To Relocate Mosque, Olbermann Pushes Back (VIDEO)” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/20/howard-dean-on-countdown-_n_688577.html

LGBT/Gay Rights
These activists are doing a sit-in for Marriage Equality at what I assume is a local county clerk’s. Hilarious photo because of the cop posted to guard the office is also posing for the photo! “SAME Sit In for Marriage Equality” http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs365.snc4/44772_1258667247161_1844054935_508502_1021463_n.jpg

“Ground Zero Mosque” fact check. 1. It’s 12 blocks away from ground zero. Everyone’s been reporting TWO. 2. The building is already used as a mosque. 3. The imam is totally against terrorism and jihad. “Islam Already Lives Near Ground Zero: AP FACT CHECK”


Oh, boy – it’s a meat bee year! One day I drove over to the coast to see the coast redwoods. It was October, the redwood forest was nasty, dry and hot. The entire forest was humming with the tart buzzing of foraging meat bees! I’ve never seen them down here in the valley. I didn’t know they stung. I’ve been surrounded by them trying to get at my sandwich, found them swarming inside the fire station microwave, but never have been attacked by them. ‘Like getting a cattle prod on your head.’ Surge in stings by pesky meat bees. http://www.theunion.com/article/20070922/NEWS/109220169

Fresno/Central Valley
GO, GO Fresno State!! Fresno State prof’s idea would conserve ag water (and save money)

Racism makes Republicans win. An equally strong streak of anti-racism makes Democrats win. I hope the Republicans go bonkers trying to “gin up” racism so we can see which Democrats have the balls to fight back, and may all who choose not to, lose. So step down, Harry Reid! You failed the balls test. “abc Primetime – How Muslims Are Treated In USA” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqbQWxHIn4U

If you are for healthcare for some, be for healthcare for all. If you are for freedom for some, be for freedom for all. “Ailing 9/11 responders slam President Obama: Focus on Zadroga health bill, not Ground Zero mosque ” http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2010/08/18/2010-08-18_focus_on_zadroga_bill_bam_mosque_site_not_an_issue_911_heroes_fume.html

“Suicides Among the Unemployed: A National Humiliation”
by Harold Pollack http://www.huffingtonpost.com/harold-pollack/suicides-among-the-unempl_b_684751.html

Favorited on YouTube “Updated 07.15.10, The Decline: The Geography of a Recession by LaToya Egwuekwe (OFFICIAL)”

Bring back Jimmy Carter! Among his achievements, disco fever, Mr. Bill, “You Light Up My Life,” Wendy’s Hot n’ Juicy Hamburgers and EPCOT Center. America has never been that creative since…

via The American Progressive Party: Oh, thank you, Supreme Court! “News Corp Donates $1 MILLION To Republican Governors Association” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/17/news-corp-donates-1-milli_n_684462.html

via Barack Obama: When I lived in the Tower District, it was hard to vote! In 6 major elections over 6 years, I was able to successfully cast a vote in 2, the 1998 primary and general. That year, the primary was OPEN, like a cafeteria. Coolest ballot I ever saw. I’ll vote on November 2, 2010. After all, it’s easy to vote where I live now: the suburbs! Inner city neighborhood voters are disenfranchised at the slightest hint trigger — REALLY hard to stay registered down there in the Tower. “Commit to Vote in the 2010 Elections”

Fresno/Central Valley

via The Fresno Bee: What a fantastic development, Fresno State! “Fresno State prof’s idea saves water in ag processing – Top Stories – fresnobee.com ” http://www.fresnobee.com/2010/08/16/2043782/fresno-state-profs-idea-saves.html

Former IDF soldier’s Facebook photo album “IDF – the best time of my life,” causes a stir, as it featured pictures of detained Palestinians. (IDF is the Israel Defense Force, the Army of the Jewish State) “‘I don’t see anything wrong with Facebook images of Palestinian detainees'” http://www.haaretz.com/news/national/i-don-t-see-anything-wrong-with-facebook-images-of-palestinian-detainees-1.308537
Neither do I — POST MORE!!

Rock/Classic Rock
via Pink Floyd – Footage showing the entire David Gilmour and Roger Waters performance from 10th July for the Hoping Foundation is now available here: http://www.hopingfoundation.org/ Watch and if you can, please make a donation, however small, to help the charity continue their important work with Palestinian children.
“Hoping Foundation” http://www.hopingfoundation.org/ http://vimeo.com/14176408

Hoping Foundation benefit performance from Hoping Foundation on Vimeo.

Lexington: Build that mosque. The campaign against the proposed Cordoba (recently renamed Muslim Cultural Center due to objection to the use of the word ‘Cordoba’ by Newt Gingrich in a speech) centre in New York is unjust and dangerous.” http://www.economist.com/node/16743239

Favorited on YouTube “Hero Muslim saves Jew from Christian Thugs on NY Subway
A Muslim man jumped to the aid of three Jewish subway riders after they were attacked by a group of young people who objected to one of the Jews saying “Happy Hanukkah,” a spokeswoman for the three said Wednesday.” December 13, 2007

LGBT/Gay Rights
Sure would have been nice to see a lesbian or gay wedding happen this week. A little sparkle amid the gloom? The recession’s hitting hard this week where I work. But things haven’t been the same since the 2001 recession to be honest.

Favorited on YouTube “abc Primetime – How Muslims Are Treated In USA”

I knew that phrase “wisdom of location” President Obama unloaded on us was going to do some major civil rights damage. “Harry Reid: Mosque Should Be Built Someplace Else!” There’s nothing scarier than a wimp Democrat with a pen or a microphone. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/16/reid-mosque-should-be-bui_n_683762.html

LGBT/Gay Rights
The final motion by Protect Marriage®. By the way, there will be no gay marriages on Thursday morning. That court in Hawaii stayed marriages pending appeal. The Appeal hearings will begin on Dec. 6, 2010. Darn! Would have been a bright spot in what is already a dark week! More layoffs today. Business just isn’t there. “Here’s Protect Marriage’s Final Motion ” http://joemygod.blogspot.com/2010/08/heres-protect-marriages-final-motion.html

The greatest threat to social security right now is the President himself, whose plan it is to move more people off the gov’t program and into private retirement plans rather than privatize the social security program itself. Should this happen? Seems unnecessary.
The age of retirement, when I was growing up, was 55, when Reagan took over he raised it to 65 and there it has remained. So we’re already on the catfood plan. When Clinton was in office, the debate was over saving it, not lowering the age back. Obama said the same thing, only worse, and the “REASONABLE CENTRIST SOLUTION” will be to raise the age to 70 and keep it public. “In Weekly Address, Obama Warns Of Danger To Social Security — from The GOP. Say What? | Crooks and Liars.com” http://crooksandliars.com/susie-madrak/weekly-address-obama-warns-danger-soc

It’s all in Arabic, can’t understand it, but I thought this must be the southern part of Pakistan as the floodwaters make their way south. Never mind that Pakistanis aren’t as dark in skin color as the people shown treading water. At the end of the video story, the dateline is MAURITANIA – Africa – in the Sahara Desert!
“الأخبار-عربي-السيول تدمر عشرات السدود بموريتانيا”

In English, the Mauritania floods – somewhat less severe than the Pakistan floods – http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5jU8M2ke98mWwES5nHIO5obCmCktg

The rainbow nation has not suddenly changed after two world cups, one for rugby, the other for soccer. Real, honest change will take time.
A tale of two world cups – Focus – Al Jazeera English


An all-time favorite video – the Stayin’ Alive “Promo Clip”! Unusually good music video for 1977. Then again, Elvis Costello And the Attractions’ 1977 “promo clips” from the LP “Armed Forces” were even better.
Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive [Version 1] (Video)

OMG! 1970s Vegas! Bee Gees – Night Fever [Promo Clip 1977]

Rock/Classic Rock
Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song – Live. 10x as good as the album version.
“Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song (Live Video)”

I was in a billiards bar (Avalon) last October. The news was on the monitor over the bar. There was this black guy talking. From a distance, couldn’t tell who he was, but he was getting an unusual amount of face time. I pushed my glasses up to my face to focus. It was the President of the United States.

Social Security benefit cuts? We vote for Democrats to STOP things like that.
Op-Ed Columnist – Attacking Social Security – NYTimes.com http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/16/opinion/16krugman.html?_r=2&src=twt&twt=NytimesKrugman

Escaped Zebra surrenders after hour-long chase in Sacramento. All wild animals in captivity are aware they are captive and take any chance they can to escape so they can find their way back home.

White House
A vacation with a porpoise.

Humor/Oil Spill
The Onion: “Millions Of Barrels Of Oil Safely Reach Port In Major Environmental Catastrophe”
PORT FOURCHON, LA—According to witnesses, the catastrophe began shortly after the tanker, which sailed unimpeded across the Gulf of Mexico, stopped safely at the harbor and made contact with oil company workers on the shore. http://www.theonion.com/articles/millions-of-barrels-of-oil-safely-reach-port-in-ma,17875/

The Onion: “Americans Demand Crispier Outside” NEW YORK—Millions of outraged consumers assembled across the nation Tuesday to demand a crispier outside, insisting that it also be made available in a number of great-tasting varieties and at a price that won’t break the bank. http://www.theonion.com/articles/americans-demand-crispier-outside,17881/

The Dodgers: We’ve had a lot of injuries this year, and the replacements turned out to be great. So when catcher Russell Martin, an average catcher, was injured for the rest of the season, no problem, right? Give some new kid a shot. Turns out a catcher, even an “average” catcher is difficult to replace. “Missing Russell Martin”

Dodgers. Bottom line: we’re still in it! Just have to fix those base running, clutch hitting, and fielding problems. And pitching has been awesome lately, still prone to spectacular fails. Just take care of all that by Tuesday and all we need is a .900 record the rest of the way and we’ll take the pennant for sure!

LGBT Rights
Alan Turing cracked the German ENIGMA code in WWII, allowing U-boat positions to be known, saving thousands of lives, ensuring delivery of critical supplies! He was tried and convicted of being gay in 1952, given choice of prison or hormonal therapy, stripped of honours and clearance. He killed himself in 1954. “Gordon Brown: I’m proud to say sorry to a real war hero”
Mr. President Obama, you can end the shameful continued expulsions from the US military under Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell on a MONDAY! Tomorrow!

LGBT Rights
A fine Nazi fighter, Alan Turing cracked the German ENIGMA code in WWII, allowing U-boat positions to be known, saving thousands of lives, ensuring delivery of critical supplies! He was tried and convicted of being gay in the service in 1952, forced to undergo hormonal therapy, kicked out. He killed himself in 1954. http://www.turing.org.uk/turing/

Happy 63RD Independence Day, India!

Gotta love that Phillies Phanatic. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=6531182&id=45084588507

Favorited on YouTube “Magic” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxbVyHIKv-w

Happiness is a morally strong stand by the President of the United Sta… Hey, wait a minute! It’s FRIDAY, isn’t it? The day you say things you want least heard. “Obama Defends Ground Zero Mosque Plans In Ramadan Dinner Speech” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/13/obama-defends-ground-zero-mosque_n_682064.html Yes, his statement was so strong it had to be a Friday.


What a difference a day makes…
“Obama’s Ground Zero Mosque Comments: President Backs ‘The Right’ To Build, Not Wisdom” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/14/obamas-ground-zero-mosque_n_682377.html Since the proposed community center is in a neighborhood with a lot of Muslims in it — that’s right the WTC crashed in on a Muslim neighborhood– the wisdom of location is fine.

I have YET to see a Jerry Brown for Governor ad on TV.

Great gay quotes, the kind that you always get smacked in the face with with out and about in the gay community, like “Yeah, I’m quiet … around you. You should see me with I’m with my friends!” IT’S BETTER TO HAVE LOVED & LOST THAN TO LIVE WITH THE PSYCHO THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.. http://likenet.gooddealstone.com/?id=53173
It’s simple as addiction and subrashion!

The latest from the GOP’s moronic idea factory. One distraction after another that is ACTUALLY FORCING CHANGES in policy for stuff that ISN’T HAPPENING. “Anderson Cooper Stuns GOP Rep. On ‘Terror Babies’: ‘They Did Not Tell Me You Were Going To Grill Me'” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/11/anderson-cooper-stuns-gop_n_678650.html

Paris, France. About 12 hours ago. “Wish you were here” postcard 2010 style– sent from a smart phone! In speaking of being here, hope you all can be in California the morning of August 19, 2010. We got gay and lesbian weddings to attend. (Did not happen)

LGBT/Gay Rights
Bridge walk for marriage equality 2010?
Let’s GO!

The most effective of the “yes on prop 8” was probably this one, and it was constantly on the air – I saw it at least 16 times. You have all the villains in it: the judge, the SF Mayor, lawyers, papers, but no gays and lesbians. We actually poll kind of well.
“Yes on 8 TV Ad: Whether You Like It Or Not”

LGBT Rights
I can’t believe Gay Marriages return to California on August 18, 2010.* Right now the right for gays to marry is polling 52% in favor, but when put to a referendum, it will fail due to those “home invasion” ads (where a child comes home from a public school having learned all about gay marriages and tells his Mormon parents).
*It got postponed

Sometimes you may not want to ask Google a question about what you’re reading, as finding out what an OECD country was turned into a 6 hour project: this graphic.

Costa Rica and the power of “a well-developed publicly funded comprehensive health care system built on the principles of universal coverage and equity.” (This article is written in college-level English, so just Google any word or term, like “OECD countries,” you don’t know! The Internet rocks!)

Apparently the Communist entry at the Montgolfier Hot Air Balloon Festival in Crimea, Ukraine, former Soviet Union, an off-the-beaten-path annual event. Can’t make this stuff up! Also: school kids in Ukraine Former Soviet Union make a hot air balloon using their own breath http://www.yaplakal.com/forum2/topic268509.html

When you’re in love…

Looking at this slightly-off selection of USA grocery items for the homesick living in the UK reminded me of the candy store aroma of my grandma’s small town Clarinda, Iowa corner grocery, when visiting as a kid in the 70s. It was attached to her house. Customers came in, ringing the bell. http://www.usafoodstore.co.uk/

“Professional Left”
There’s a tax cut idea that is gaining steam among the left wing: the payroll tax holiday. Unlike Republicans, the left would do tax cutting right: The payroll tax holiday would be good up the first $20,000 earned for three consecutive years, and paid for by raising taxes on incomes of over $250,000. This helps employers who “make in the USA.” Yes, taxation taxes success, but remember also a national priority is success itself to happen here, so we have people to tax!
I would call taxing success while failure gets off Scot-free an irony, not a wrong.

Legalize It
Hey there, freedom lovers! This is liberal libertarianism, the REAL kind! The clothing optional, the down with motorcycle helmet laws and legalize weed kind. Pull up a chair, enjoy. http://www.pot.tv/

Green Energy
Solar power from Nevada – can we get this now, while we still have Democrat, or would there be better luck under a Republican?

White House
As far as I can tell, left vs. right is an old-school, 1990s way of looking at things. Barack Obama and his people are rejecting taking tougher stands at the peril of getting insufficient results. That means fewer jobs, costlier healthcare and loss of support. “Obama and the left, part 2,048” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mike-lux/obama-and-the-left-part-2_b_678443.html

White House
Buying some professional leftist music today! Heard this on Democracy NOW! accompanied by a collage of stills of Patriot Act subpoenas and gag orders. “Hypnotic Brass Ensemble” http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0029LKFRQ/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_dp_mp3a

White House
Trash talk! Proof we play in the same league, but not on the same team. “Yelling At The ‘Professional Left’ Is One Of The White House’s Few Joys.”

Gay Rights
I’m not insulted by the use of the word “tolerance” when used to refer to gay communities existing openly in previous periods, places in history. But acceptance is permanent – you are integrated into society a lot more deeply. “Mexico Gay Marriage: Supreme Court Orders All Mexican States To Recognize Weddings Performed In Mexico City.” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/11/mexico-gay-marriage-supreme-court_n_678016.html

Health Care
Former Blue Cross President Leslie Margolin was called into Congress to explain their 39% rate increase and coldly talked costs. A Senator asked “Have you no shame?” No longer employed by Blue Cross, she can now say “of course” – but when having to speak for the company, a different person. There you have it: corporations are a legal structure for running an organization, not a person. They can’t cry or love. “Leslie Margolin, Former Blue Cross President, Speaks Out Against Insurance Giant’s Plan To Spike Rates” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/10/leslie-margolin-former-bl_n_677225.html

Only the FCC can stop AT&T, Comcast, Verizon and Google from gatekeeping or rerouting your favorite places to slower pipelines. Which is what they very well might do if the FCC permanently surrenders its authority to them. Even Barack Obama has flip-flopped on net neutrality because he wants their campaign money. “Save the Internet: Take Action!” https://secure.freepress.net/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=OnScreenThanks&id=437 Warning: page may not be secure – enter no personal info

Haha! Huffpost rejected my comment about HBO shows being about douches!

This reflects extreme crisis in the public services sector across the country, my disdain for night-time light pollution notwithstanding. “Paul Krugman: America Goes Dark” http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/09/opinion/09krugman.html?_r=3&ref=opinion

Professional Left
The facts are staggering – and a lot of us knew the “Reagan Revolution” that ended the New Deal era would cause this to happen here, within a few decades. But we wrote off what we read in history books as “liberal bias.” 8 Surprising Facts About The Shrinking Middle Class From ‘Third World America’ (PHOTOS) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/09/8-surprising-facts-about_n_675545.html This chart, from UC-Berkeley professor Emmanuel Saez, shows income inequality is at an all-time high. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=31458518&id=1476752419 Check out the 40s-70s. New deal, new frontier, great society, and Carter (the first Dem without a sweeping “operational codename”) and two Repub admins (Eisenhower, Nixon/Ford).

Happy sequential day

California Election
Vote Yes on 25, Californians, and you can help stop Central Valley and Orange County politicians from blocking the budget. The most conservative block of California Legislature politicians, they wreak havoc every single year.

Apparently the U.S. Constitution calls for any American accepting a prize or award from a foreign entity be stripped of their citizenship. The Iowa state GOP’s Party Platform calls for Obama to be stripped of his citizenship due to his acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize. But here’s Bush accepting a gift from King Abdullah. Two week old story – first I heard of it. Maybe they were running it up the ol’ flagpole to see if anyone saluted? Nope – Iowa has impeaching Obama as a platform plank. http://www.foxnews.com/images/336410/5_23_011408_bush_abdullah.jpg

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