US Wars

I started making a list of wars the United States had been involved in and it turns out we’ve probably been in more wars than we’ve had presidents. So I started the list and I’ll continue it until done. W=Win, L=Loss.
US Wars
W 1775-1783, vs. Great Britain, War for Independence (Revolutionary War)
W 1791-1795, vs. various Northwest Indians, Northwest Territory War (aka Northwest Indian War aka Little Turtle’s War), for Indian land of the Great Lakes region. Result: the USA won Ohio from the Indians. It was the first time the white man had gone directly against the Indians of the Northwest, rather than simply participate in their very fierce wars over the region, where the Iroquois pushed into Ohio, pushing out the Osage, Kaw, Ponca and other Sioux tribes way out west of the Mississippi River starting in 1200 and virtually wiped out enemy tribes remaining using new weapons acquired from French fur traders in 1608. Britain and France put claims on the Ohio territory, were at war with one another back in Europe (Seven Years War) and the Iroquois Federation got involved with fights against the British traders, who began to settle on their land to claim it. The British defeated the Indians and annexed Ohio to the Canadian Province of Quebec, an attempt by Britain to cut off its increasingly out-of-control Atlantic Colonies from partaking in the riches west of the Appalachians. During the American Revolutionary War, four of the six Iroquois tribes joined the British to fight the colonists. When the British lost, many of those Iroquois left Ohio and settled in Ontario. The Ohio area was gifted to the United States. The remaining tribes that didn’t join the war were not party to the treaty (Treaty of Paris, 1783) making that so but apparently just had their land taken away, which led to a this war, the first defeat to the white man by the Indian Tribes of the Northwest.
W 1798-1800, vs. France, Caribbean Sea Quasi-War, over broken treaty – skirmishes at sea.
W 1801-1805, vs. Tripoli, First Barbary War, over shipping rights
W 1805-1815, vs. Barbary Coast, Second Barbary War, over shipping rights
W 1812-1814, vs. Great Britain, War of 1812, over lack of recognition of USA’s independence from Britain
W 1814-1814, vs. Creek Indians, Creek War, for Indian land in present day
W 1814-1814, vs. Shawnee Indians and British, Tecumseh’s War, for Indian land of the Great Lakes region, in which William Henry Harrison would be victorious over Tecumseh after the British got cold feet about allowing Tecumseh’s warrior access to their firearms.
W 1817-1818, vs. Yamasees, Creek, Red Stick and Yusis Indians, fugitive slaves, British traders and Spain, 1st Seminole War, over Florida, a Spanish territory that served as a sanctuary for runaway slaves and Indian refugees from the Creek War. Ended with Spain ceding Florida to the United States the Indians losing their independence but allowed to settle in the middle of the Florida peninsula, on a reservation whose borders were not allowed to touch any coastline, to prevent contact with Cubans and Bahamians.
W 1835-1842, vs. Yamasees, Creek and Yusis Indians in Florida, 2nd Seminole War, over new Indian settlements
W 1846-1848, vs. Mexico, Mexican-American War, over annexation of Texas
W 1855-1858, vs. Yamasees, Creek and Yusis Indians in Florida, 3rd Seminole War, over

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