Missouri Passes Referendum Calling for the end of “Obamacare”

Story: Missouri Approves Ballot Measure Meant to Nullify Health Care Law – NYTimes.com

Obamacare has no public option, requires everyone get coverage from a private insurer, and that most pay for their own insurance coverage. States like Missouri may have a harder time than states like California getting everyone covered because insurance exchanges, marketplaces where individuals obtain insurance, are statewide, not countrywide. Meaning: the more populous your state, the more bargaining power for customers.

Making everyone buy their own private health insurance was unfortunately one of the more egregious of the Obama/Democrat compromises to get health care reform passed. If you can’t afford it, you’re out of luck unless you go through a complicated two month long process to try and get a subsidized plan, and that’s the actual minimal wait time, which is used to establish you are “truly needy.” That’s down from the 2 year wait time, by the way, to get onto Medicare with disability, which was used to determined the same thing: that you were “truly needy.” The “truly needy” phrase comes courtesy of Ronald Reagan, the President of the Eighties. Nevertheless, those who fall between the cracks will soon will be able to at least go to free clinics – it’s better than nothing, which is why what Missouri voters did was not really all that helpful, for anyone.

The Missouri referendum, which carries no teeth, was approved on Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2010. The same election, voters rejected Tea Party candidates and voted for moderate Republicans who favor “reaching across the aisle” to work with Democrats, not simply be The Party of No. Who knows, if these moderates were around for the healthcare reform debate, they might have saved the Public Option.

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