Citalopram Fluoxitine, The Prettiest Drag Queen I Ever Seen

Depression is defined as REPEATING episodes two weeks or longer of persistent negative feelings, like blues, anger, loneliness, worthlessness, pushed down, pushed around, taken advantage of, driven to the edge, incapable of success, on and on. It may be accompanied by behavior like slumping your head, pushing people away, fearing what others might say or do, like laugh at you, reject you. It’s normal to feel that way once in a while, if you can believe that, and you can live with it in mild amounts, but sinking into it time and again and watching it delay and ruin your life is what’s known as Major Depression, and exactly what antidepressant medications were designed to address.
So, don’t let somebody ignorant pontificate about being a slave to the corporate profit-run Medical Industrial Complex by taking CEFZIL or PROZAC, because, that whole rant is so tiresome, if utterly sincere. They don’t understand, they can’t understand what you suffer. They see treating your depression as having lack of fortitude to go it alone or trying natural remedies like diet and exercise, when actually cutting and running from the battle and making a beeline to a psychiatrist it is the biggest leap to full recovery you’ll ever take.
Not that diet and exercise have nothing to do with recovery. They do. Your improvement will double with good diet and exercise. But if you suffer from Major Depression, diet and exercise are not enough.

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