Watching the USA vs. Ghana World Cup game with R and S on Facebook!

Get your vuvuzela warmed up!! It’s Soccer time! (I’ll be watching in English on ABC, but the best pre-game in all of sports programming is on Univision right now! If the USA wins, make sure to tune in to Univision’s postgame to celebrate!! American TV cannot do Soccer!)

iSi, esta es verdad! –S

/game starts/

Sigue! Sigue! USA!

why the *$^& did Clark start in the midfield today? that looked like a bad coaching move from the start… he had a bad ball that led to the first goal PLUS he’s already gotten a yellow card in the first 5 minutes! — R

Where’s our “game face”!?

Indeed … all-around! *oof* — S

Put it in!!

C’mon, guys! Put it in the goal!

Our game isn’t focused. Where’s the “game face” to our team?

Ghana are so patient, with a better game plan.

And another thing – Trader Joe’s of Fresno – you sold me another skunked beer!!

Lousy pass – lousy attempt to go get it.

/End of first half/

By the end of the first half, I don’t even know if we were playing soccer! Looks more like it’s a death march

Altidore and Finley have been major f*ckups today but not as bad as Clark was. At least he’s out now. We need a new coach… he starts Finley & Clark today after neither started Wednesday in the best US game of the Cup. When the opponent always scores in the first few minutes, there’s a problem with getting the team mentally ready (and THAT is coaching). –R

That is definitely coaching. This is no “miracle on ice” going on here!

By the way, thank you R and S for your comments!

Are we ready for a better 2nd half??

/2nd Half begins/





Univision still has a picture

Lightning fast! USA! USA! USA! USA!

Falta! (You can tell I’m watching Univision right now…

^5 … I have to say that watching on Univision is SOOOO much fun! *ha* 🙂 -S

Sure is. AHHH, FALTA!!

/Regular Time Ends/

We’re in Donovan Time! (Extra time)

Think we should have been able to finish them off? I was sure think (thought) we would. I did not expect us to let down after equalizing.

did you check out the univision call of donovan’s goal vs. algeria? there’s nothing like hearing andres cantor scream, gooooooooal.” –R

I missed that one! I caught it on their replay, except the replay was in the background will (while) celebrants exhorted their jubilation during the postgame.

/Extra Time Begins/

OT starting. Listen to those horns!

I hope it doesn’t go to penalties (assuming it’s we who scored the winner!)

Ghana earn a corner. Watch out, USA! They’ve stepped up!

Univision’s guy smelled goal for Ghana right there after that giveaway in the far corner.

They get a yellow! Nice breakaway!

/Ghana scores 2nd goal/

We deserved that one. Serves us right for not finishing this game earlier.

We deserved that one.

Yep … Fart. *sigh* –S

Missed again. Yawn.

Let’s kick upfield to nobody! Yay! BARF

Let’s kick upfield to nobody some more! Whoo! BARF.

Pluck a duck!!! *argh* –S

*snicker* … I swanee it JUST sounded like the announcer said, “Let’s just take it up the ass …” I KNOW that’s not what he said, pero … *slapping wrist* –S


This appears over. Bout 18 minutes left tho

Oh 15 mins

iVayamos Estados Unidos! iiiUSA … USA … USA!!!

offsides! no third goal!

*sigh* … Well, it was fun *watching* the game with you. Ciao, mi amigo. *hugs* –S


Sigh!~* Wait’ll next cup!

hopefully the US will have a new coach by 2014. –R

Yep, we need a Bulldog!

Maybe Bill Clinton can coach the team!

hey at least clinton would inspire them. he’s a motivator. and i doubt he’d start his daughter in the midfield. 🙂 –R

I can’t show my face at the Den today. I was trash talking to all those lillywhite queens rooting for England and Germany and not the USA! I want to see how well Mexico can do against Argentina!

So, I guess now it’s Go England or Germany! Nah, I’m sticking with the boys from just across the border: MÉXICO! They rooted for us! They really did! Let’s root for them.

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