Storm 46 on May 22, 2010

I was so busy getting exercise and going to see the SF Gay Men’s Chorus that I totally missed mentioning that another Pacific storm front came through Saturday, brought light snow to the Sierra, howling coldi-ish wind to the valley, and rain to Bakersfield and Southern California. The sun is strong and bright – it’s almost Summer Solstice – but the air is rather cold, especially when it first arrives on land. The Gulf of Alaska air that has moved across the ocean rather quickly also modifies quickly and by today, the sun had raised the temperature all the way back to a 70 degrees! A few months ago, a similar system would have had us freezing our butts off for a week. Still, that’s pretty low for this time of year attesting to how far south this air has been brought by the weather pattern. Another fresh burst of cold Gulf of Alaska air is due Tuesday or something.

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