I have been too lazy to blog – here’s some Facebook posts to tide this blog over

The Rockies started their ace pitcher today, Ubaldo Jimenez, 0.83 ERA. The Dodgers started their best, Clayton Kershaw. So, how bad was it? Well, the Dodgers scored only 1 run on Ubaldo (2 runs total). And the Rockies scored… no runs at all! You have to see the box score to believe it.

Link: “Eric Holder (on Sunday morning talk show): Miranda Rights Should Be Modified For Terrorism Suspects” (Adopting Republican talking point – no Miranda rights for terrorists) (recent event: a handsome young terrorist deployed a car bomb in Times Square, he lit the fuse, but it failed to detonate – FBI seized suspect as he sat aboard his flight out of the country – he was arrested and read his rights, as he was an American citizen) (Repub talking point – scandalous! Obama admin reads terrorist his Miranda rights!) (And now Obama admin reaction to this criticism – total kowtow)
Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/08/bob-bennett-utah-gop-senate_n_568988.html
Why is there so much shame in being liberal? Why are we so afraid to stand up for our ideals? There can be no exceptions when it comes to any human right – it takes us into their (the terorrists’) world.

Article: Senator Bob Bennett Ousted At Utah GOP Convention
I agree with these ultracons – they’ve rejected this de facto oligarchy where those with the most means are the ones who get whatever they want from the Senate. Privatizing Medicare entitlements was a gift to a health industry that lives off government deficit spending. Goldman Sachs used their control of Senators like Bob to assure their bailout.
Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/08/bob-bennett-utah-gop-senate_n_568988.html

I have a lot of wildflowers, and native bees just love them. I spotted his black and white bee enjoying the flowers today…
Not my pic, just an pic of the kind of bee I saw.
This bee is the “Cellophane Bee”! Actual common name. Scientific name: colletes (genus)
Now of course there are several different cellophane bees, and I can maybe narrow the one I saw down to about 4 of them… http://bugguide.net/node/view/15935/bgpage

Kathmandu, Nepal, 1995 – Flickr is awesome.
Nepal, Kathmandu, 1995
Closet I’ve been is Miranpur (small locality near town of Meerut), Uttar Pradesh (State), India, which is about 7 hours away, assuming Nepal’s stretch of highway is paved, but I suspect Nepal is a lot less developed than India. http://www.maplandia.com/india/uttar-pradesh/muzaffarnagar/miranpur/

The story behind why PG&E wrote Prop 16. (The taxpayers’ Right To Vote Act)
Link: http://noprop16.org/news/editorial-simple-majority-vote-is-the-loser-in-this-power-fight/

NO on prop 16.
“No rate hikes. No monopoly. No Prop 16.”
Link: http://noprop16.org/

Just regular folks.: Yes or No on California Proposition 16, 2010?
Pacific Gas & Electric Co. has written Prop. 16, calling it “The Taxpayers Right To Vote Act”. The name misleads you to think it enacts reform in your favor. It assures public power projects don’t get approved, while theirs do, leading to higher electric bills. Sacramento and Modesto, where a municipal power district supplies electricity, enjoy far cheaper electricity.

What do you all think of Proposition 15? It’s called the California Fair Elections Act. The list of endorsements assures me it’s not a dirty trick, like the Taxpayers Right To Vote Act (Prop 16). AARP, Common Cause, League of Women Voters, NAACP, Sierra Club, hundreds more have endorsed!

This wicked cloud photo was captured at Miramar, Argentina. I’ve seen similar storm clouds phtographed in Australia. Southern hemisphere storms are influenced by vastly more sea surface, Antarctica-generated wind currents, summer during perigee (earth orbit nearest sun), the winter during apogee (earth farthest).

David likes Slate.com.

David likes give obama a break, it takes a long time to clean up 8 years of crap.

Friends of the Pink Triangle Fundraiser!
Check it out! They’re going going to erect a giant Pink Triangle on Twin Peaks! (I think)

May 22, Harvey Milk Day! Last year, his birthday was something you’d accidentally notice. Now he has a state holiday! They’ll be gatherings, speeches, FUNdraisers, gala dinners, drink specials, but what’s nice is he has his day now.
“Have you seen the beautiful Harvey Milk Day Posters? The $25 one will eventually be a valuable collectors item – ie 1st ever Harvey Milk Day – get yours before they run out!

Scream by Ozzy Osbourne – Preorder Scream on iTunes
If OZZY OZBOURNE’S new record is just as good as his last one, “Black Rain,” turn it up!

Like Bill Maher says, “Cut it in half and let’s see if anyone attacks!”
http://www.armscontrolcenter.org/policy/securityspending/articles/fy09_dod_request_global/ The FY 2009 Pentagon Spending Request – Global Military Spending

Yankees-Red Sox AGAIN? YAWWWWWN. Twins, A’s, Padres, Giants, Rockies… so many more interesting teams playing baseball these days.

Tough times: there’s recovery, but new jobs right now tend to be temporary positions, and competition for new work is fierce because jobs with benefits are being shed still, especially in gov’t., plus long term unemployed are re-entering the job market. (no link – heard on the radio)

(PHOTO) Jack Chang (1st link is best pic) (A DJ from Australia)

(PHOTO) The end of the rainbow. Pot O gold is right down there in that bush. In fact, there’s two pots.

photo taken in Holland

(PHOTO) I’ve never seen mammatus in the SIDE of a thunderhead before! These are the Olympic Mountains in Washington.


(PHOTO) For y’alls desktops. I see the most amazing photographs on flickr.


I always wondered if Monterey County could be Israel’s new home, since the area they are located in now is clearly Palestine. In fact, let’s just let them have all of California.

Los Angeles Dodgers-Colorado Rockies can still be a race – ESPN Los Angeles
Tonight, starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda lost control of the game early on. No problem! Baseball is a team game. The Dodgers bullpen, that ball-battering offense and Casey Blake took control back! Casey Blake robbed Helton of a double or a triple in the 5th with a hell of a diving catch.

Let’s put continuing the Afghanistan war to a nationwide vote. If yes, we stay and back Karzai. If no, we pull out immediately and Karzai flees to Hawaii.

(VIDEO) Students submit a You Tube video saying what makes them “Fresno State”. Students from many different backgrounds with different fields of interest enter the contest.

(VIDEO) The American War: The U.S. In Vietnam… with Pinky and Bunny!
It’s from the “leftist” direction that this war is critically viewed most often, and this is no exception, but really, this is a very good breakdown because it includes Vietnamese historical perspective.

Citigroup TRADING ERROR, Wrong Price For P&G Stock Said To Have Fueled Stock Plunge

Gibbs: No One In White House Supports Lieberman’s Citizenship Bill
The scary thing about Lieberman’s bill is it is one successful terrorist attack away…

A classic at the Ravine! John Ely gets called off the bench to start as pitcher tonight, making his MAJOR LEAGUE DEBUT*, and is magnificent! Dodgers are actually in control of a game. It’s the 9th inning and reliever Broxton comes on and blows the save with his “flatlining slider”. Game not over. Dodgers go up, load the bases, and Ethier hits a walk-off grand slam.
Starter Ely got pulled after Milwaukee scored their first run in the 7th, but I think he went 6 2/3 innings. Nifty debut*!
*Actually, it was his 2nd game

Man, I’m going back to counting by guestimate how much I have in my shopping basket — haven’t had to do that in years. Today my cart at TJ’s rang up $98 and my card said “insufficient funds.” Thank Gaga, I did not want to drop that kind of money on food! Ridiculous!

(VIDEO) Jim Cramer Saves The Market!
The Dow went down 900 points and came back today. That is an astonishing volume and a joke on all of us. Every trade comes with a fee, remember. If they could get away with it, they would do this every day.
I’m really critical of Cramer, but here’s a reply from a fan:
reply 1:
That is a GREAT CLIP! I was stuck at my desk at work as I watched the market plummet about 12:40 (MT), and I didn’t have any context. Now, I see that Cramer was on it as it happened. I can’t wait to watch Mad Money tonight…but I’ll have to wait until later because I always Tivo the replay, which is at 9pm here. One of his long standing tips… See More: treat the dips, as buying opportunites: it’s no different than a sale at a department store, you want to buy when the prices are lower. Today, Proctor and Gamble was really on sale! That’s why I love Cramer!
Thanks for finding that clip. I’m going to repost it.
I feel sorry for the poor saps who had their e*trade automatic trigger selling and buying today – come home from the movies and wonder why you got a bill for $900.
Reply on how things actually worked today and trades in general:
NASDAQ is cancelling a grundle of the trades that occcured in the twenty minute window, so no one should get a bill for one of those trades from yesterday. I guess that’s why trades don’t settle until the next business day. For the most part, since the swings were driven by autmoated trading machines, I would guess that the damage hit … See Moreinstitutional investors much more than Joe Blow with an E-Trade account.
The lesson that I learned from this is, Never trade with a market order, always make it a limit order. Obviously, any Joe Blows who were selling at that time, lost their price. If the trades did not get cancelled,they wouldn’t get a bill, they would just get a much smaller settlement check than they expected.
Heeeere’s the clip!


(PHOTO) Almost gay pride time!!! Coolest street parties on the planet. Drag queens, butch dykes, lipstick lesbians, jocks and bears, radical faeries, sluts, prudes, disco boys, punky girls, asian twinks, latin lovers, skater boyz, chocolate bears, divas, granola lesbians, gray queers… all dancing to Lady Gaga!
I forgot, straight siblings of somebody gay and their husbands wives and kids! They are seen every year in greater numbers.

Check it out – it’s an ex-ex-gay website!

(VIDEO) The American People are so smart and astute, they know what time it is: it’s time for some Jon Stewart!

(VIDEO) via The Colbert Report: Two thumbs up for Stephen Colbert’s “Alpha Dog of the Week!”

FBI’s finest moments: falsely accusing Richard Jewell of terrorism.
Global Politician – The FBIs War on Richard Jewell: Part 2 –

I have a gazillion bookmarks, many of which I haven’t visited in over 6, 7 years! Long forgotten web browser bookmark of the week:
boards of canada

(VIDEO) Why get a backrub in Kansas when you can get one in Arizona?

Amazing nonsense attack ad: This ad makes a political opponent appear to be watching porn and playing with himself, but he’s actually typing a memo late at night. The shot was included in a documentary.

Had a wind turbine project near you CANCELLED due to concerns about bird deaths? Each year, wind turbines kill 40,000 birds. Power lines, 150 million. Vehicles 70 million. Tecommunications towers, 45 million. Cats, hundreds of millions. House windows – almost a BILLION.

(VIDEO) Gravité by Renaud Hallée

Look ma! Look pa! Turn on Channel 3! The running onto the field craze is a time honored tradition – a look back at the finest moments.
Baseball Fans on the Field: Vote for Your Favorite – Sports Blog – CBS News

Sarah Palin* denounces BP because it is a “foreign oil company”! It was her husband Todd’s employer for 18 years!! 18 years!!
* Not Sarah, some other Palin, but stilllllll

(PHOTO) Hey, it’s Jimmy Carter speaking at UC Merced!
I remember his 1979 visit to Merced, when Reagan and his dark forces were all over him, looming like a shadow over America.

“Getting shut out by the Pirates is not fun” by Dodgerfilms. One of the best YouTube channels.

1. Country with elected socialist party in power and a national debt is selected 2. speculators drive down targeted country’s credit rating 3. targeted country comes close to defaulting 4. capitalists rescue targeted country with forced restructuring of economy 5. Public of target country taught a lesson about how their votes can bring the ire of very powerful people, speculators make a killing 6. repeat
We desperately need to regulate capitalism on a global scale.
Portugal, nice Socialist majority you’ve elected. Oh, gee. Couldn’t help but notice you have outstanding debt…

The Top 10 most wanted loopholes to be inserted into the Financial Reform Bill by lobbyists: whitehouse.gov

You want rights of the accused if it’s you, but not somebody else. Can’t have it both ways.
Cornyn: Obama Got ‘Lucky’ That Times Square Bomber Is Talking

Fielder, Zaun homers, Braun’s double highlight Brewers’ big inning
Meanwhile, Dodgers, 6 runs is some serious hittin’. Let’s try scoring that many runs again tomorrow night, while shutting Milwaukee out LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE DOES.

This is the 6th radical Sunni Islamic attack on the United States. There was: World Trade Center I (by Kuwaiti, Jordanian & 2 Iraqis), attempted LAX (by an Algerian Canadian), 9/11 (by 15 Saudis, 2 UAEs, 1 Egyptian, 1 Lebanese), Shoe Bomber (A Brit), Underwear Bomber (Nigerian), and now the Pathfinder Bomber.

Wish I wasn’t sick today and could’ve been at the ballpark to see the Fresno Grizzlies beat the Sacramento River Cats today 4-1 in the glorious sunshine! Fresno now stands alone in First Place with a lead of 3 1/2 games!
It’s a conundrum I’ve lived with my whole life. The Fresno Giants used to lose to the hated Lodi Dodgers all the time at John Useless Park. It was weird — I’d hate those Dodgers but love the LA Dodgers.

(PHOTO) This is Casey Olson, a local fighter who will be in the ring at Tachi Palace “Cinco De Mayhem”

Tyranny is tyranny, whether it is a car bomb in response to violating an Islamic code or a French ban on Muslim women wearing burkas in public, a Hindu classification system into caste or only allowing state-approved church services in The Peoples Republic of China.

(SLIDE SHOW) Wild Wonders of Europe: a new book featuring pictures of European wildlife and landscape

from a photo caption: “Natural forests store significantly more carbon than managed ones, so for climate reasons we should keep as much unmanaged forest as possible.”

(PHOTO) There you have it. The Dodgers are a PC.

(PHOTO) The Dodgers won tonight? They must be back at home! Guys, next road trip has got to go better, okay?

(VIDEO) Obama hits hard with the jokes at annual correspondents’ dinner… more like he took out an Uzi!

I thought this was a joke, but no, it’s 100% real. Arizona’s election results are the result of thousands of older white voters who’ve moved down there to retire. Normal residents are caught having to abide by ridiculous racist laws.
“Arizona Ethnic Studies Classes Banned, Teachers With Accents Can No Longer Teach English”

The right wing is pretty merciless, but eventually these leftist presidents gain their footing and the confidence in them of the public grows. Obama is shaping up nicely in his second year. I remember Clinton was still quite a mess at this point i…

(YOU TUBE favorite) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVjNVPsL5EY&feature=autofb

(VIDEO) Finally addressing that anti-government crap.

Historic environmental protection bill ironically “dead” thanks to oil drilling tragedy — its passage relied upon Republican support in the Senate, which was only possible with a concession to allow more offshore drilling. That concession is now as dead as the bill.

(PHOTOS) As long as we’re talking about drilling and spilling, how about some super cool gas pump memorabilia? People my age remember as kids when every “filling station” was staffed by attendants and you *never* got out of your car to pump the gas yourself! That was as forbidden as, say, going behind the counter to ring up a sale for yourself!

(MUSIC – Classic Country) This is a very good playlist posted by my friend Smiley on MySpace

(VIDEO) Impassioned pleas with puppy dog eyes for drilling. How can can you say no?

(VIDEO) “Don’t you **** with us. We’ll **** up your retirement savings!”

The Dodgers bats have fallen silent. Oddly, it happened the minute the Arizona anti-immigrant bill was signed. Time to move Dodgertown back to Florida! Dodgertown is their Spring Training facility.

(VIDEO) You can’t go wrong with a clip from “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” that features said killer tomatoes and the song “Puberty Love”

(VIDEO) Thank you, Blues Brothers movie, for introducing me to the music of Cab Calloway!

(VIDEO) 10 points for sense of humor!

About seven years ago, I came across the name Andrés Montoya, the MEChA president when I was at Fresno State, on this web page. During student election rancor, we ended up in opposite camps and I came to regard him as bellicose and rude, until one day accidentally coming through the Free Speech Area i heard him recitin…g his poetry. I tell you I felt chills. I read this page and sat in shock when I got to the bottom. I wish it were possible to hear him read a poem of his just one more time.

These new Right Wingers have won since Obama became President. Under Bush, these state and local victories weren’t possible. They act swifty, too. No “incorporating the other side’s ideas” for them.

Sign the petition and confirm via email and they will add your name to a giant banner that will be carried in an anti-racism march in Seattle this Saturday! (This was posted last week, so said Saturday has already happened, but they still are welcoming signatures and may use the banner again, with more names added to it!)

apply online for a FAFSA student aid for CSUF City or DeVry
grants – Cal grant deadline very soon

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