I’ve been going to the wrong gov’t site for healthcare info. At http://HHS.gov, there’s pretty pictures of the bill being signed into law with the caption, “This is what change looks like.” The FAQs are in the sidebar link to healthreform.gov, and the details right away get kind of gory.
Q: I have a pre-existing condition. What do I do? A: Just enter the “high risk pool.” Just be uninsured for 6 months and you qualify!
Hey, wait a minute. Nobody mentioned the six month wait.
So, you lose your job but you still get to keep your employee insurance through that COBRA thing, so hopefully you can afford that, because the responsibility to pay is yours. You’ll need to get unemployment, then. If you left your job on your own volition, you can’t get unemployment, so you need to be formally fired or laid off. But then after working for the temps, you are offered a job, but it has no healthcare. Meanwhile COBRA is gone either because you lapsed in payment or it expired.
So you apply for a cheap, catastrophe-only plan that turns out too expensive to buy. Why? Pre-existing conditions. Those will cost you extra. You know what a traffic ticket does to your auto insurance? Same deal. You go to enroll in the “high-risk pool” (you won’t be able to do it online – you’ll have to go into a crowded gov’t office) and after a 4 hour wait in line, they say – denied! You need to prove you’ve had no insurance for 6 months and can’t afford it. Document your ordeal for them. Save your paperwork?

You know what Single Payer is? They send you a Medicare card in the mail and BOOM you have insurance.

Single Payer is what CHANGE looks like.
Countries with Single Payer systems are the most freakishly thrifty, spending as little as 7% of GDP on healthcare. Yet everyone always has health insurance. EVERYONE. ALWAYS.
Lowest prices? Always? It’s like Wal-Mart. Same brand-name health care, good quality generics thrown in, and the lowest prices.
The USA is spending 17% of GDP and it’s still climbing. The next time somebody argues on the news (and the anchors NEVER challenge the assertion) that “you can’t just mess with 17% of the economy – that’s why I’m against Single Payer,” KNOW the only reason that number is so high, 17%, is because our healthcare is twice as expensive, clogged with overpriced hospitals, has too many specialists and grossly overpriced pharmaceuticals.
You get what you pay for? And, you get what you shop for. You don’t go to the car dealer and insist on paying three times as much for a car. You negotiate the cost down.
You get great healthcare in other first-world countries. These are countries with very high living standards, and you won’t encounter anything substandard. So don’t fear the so-called “greatest healthcare system in the world” — not — is about to actually lose quality in any way: wait times, doctor choice, hospital choice, medicines.
Under Single Payer, it’ll get better.

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