Obama, Hitler, Stalin; oh, my!

There’s a popular anti-Obama poster carried by people in attendance at “Tea Parties”, which are anti-Obama rallies, of Obama with Hitler’s mustache. There’s also lots of Obama as Stalin or calling him a Marxist. There’s also plenty of racist posters and threatening ones. The term “Tea Party” refers to the popular uprising against taxation by the British, who used to govern the colonies of the New World from England, thousands of miles away by sea. England would send ships over to collect taxes owed the King. The colonies revolted and declared independence from England, forming a confederation that would eventually unite and form a new country, the USA, after a war for independence, the Revolutionary War. Tea Partiers feel they lost their independence again when Obama won the election. They feel too offended by him to consider him a true President.
To them, having to endure an Obama Presidency is no different than living under Hitler or Stalin, who killed 200 million people between 1935 and 1945. For them, that’s what being governed by one of the finest Presidents in US History is like. The main culprit behind this belief is obviously racism.
An election victory by a person so offensive to them can’t be considered legitimate, they chstize it as a “dictatorship.” The passage of healthcare reform by an unwanted President is tantamount to Stalin or Hitler’s ascensions to power. The grass roots campaign all across America for healthcare reform can’t be acknowledged; it comes by way of liberals and Progressives, who are socialist, which is like having Bolsheviks suddenly in power and they no longer in power, their country lost, replaced by a government that has imposed on them a healthcare program, which amounts to social control.
It’s very far-fetched, but according to them, Hitler and Stalin invented modern healthcare to control people by taking away their independence from the government, and Obama and the train he rode in on are now doing the same.
Now, it all is obviously a pack of lies, but these lies and beliefs enjoy alarming popularity.

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