My Letter to Congressman Jim Costa

Honorable Congressman Jim Costa,

I live in neighboring District 21, but I’m taking time to write you because I understand, I hope falsely, that you are a Democrat that has not signed on to support the healthcare reform bill, the one that Democratic Party leaders will attempt to make law using reconciliation quite shortly.
This healthcare reform bill will help Fresno and the Valley, which suffers from high rates of poverty, joblessness and preventable disease.
Your courage is requested to do something that may not be popular here, but is necessary. We are a better country than one that allows so many to have no healthcare.
Please join with the President, and start the repair work to our country’s broken healthcare system. Passing the healthcare reform legislation now before you through reconciliation will start that process.
Thank you for your time.

David Prasad

Well, just as I suspected, my attempt to write him would not be accepted because I live in District 21, not District 20. So, those of you who live in District 21, please write him.

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