Dave’s Oldies Playlist #1

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Bob Marley and the Wailers – revolution “Full of rage!”
B.M.W.- Babylon System “One of his songs that reduces me to tears. One of them.”
Stevie Wonder – Blame it on the Sun “Working magic with chords…”
Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up ” I can’t get enough of the bongos patting while the rhythm guitar shammies. What an awesome sound! Sweet horns, too.”
Mary Wells – Northern Soul “Just some Mary Wells song I’ve never heard before…”
Pink Floyd – Great Gig in the Sky from Dark Side of the Moon “Nifty vocals by Claire Torrey and a track that pleasures every nerve in the body. But it was obviously inspired a by a song that preceded it. I’m looking for this particular 60s soul song that must’ve been the inspiration. In it, the female singer simply wails all the way through it while a snare drum is slowly tapped and the Hammond organ gets revved into Hammond stratospherics. Read the story of this song on Wikipedia! It was the first and only take because Clare refused to do it again. Has anyone ever heard the prototype for Dark Side of the Moon – it was done for a one-time live show, and later the band thought it ought to be turned into an album!
In A Gadda Da Vida by Iron Butterfly ” Ka-blam!”
Sky Pilot by The Animals “1968 Brit-rock song about an Army chaplain (not a bomber pilot). Was released as a single that split the song in two, part 1 on side one, part 2 on side two, so you could hear the rest if you wanted to without buying the LP! First heard this long version played from the 45-rpm 2-part single on KPFA radio’s gay men’s show “Fruit Punch”! The boys on that show would play music and do excepts from plays and talk politics and debate what is more sexy: chubby or skin-n-bones. It was a great show.”
Layla by Derek and the Dominoes “Talk about songs that you remember where you were when you first heard them. I was in the back seat of my dad’s yellow Camaro, listening to the radio on the hi-fi car audio system as I was waiting for him to come out to drive us up to the mountains. The pot-smoldered DJ said it was by Derek… and …the…Dominoes really slow and cool like Johnny Fever on WKRP in Cincinnati.”
Light by Fire by The Doors, Al Green and José Feliciano: “This is the original, from 1966. I didn’t think they allowed songs to be this long in 1966!” “A great pop hook ‘Come on, baby, light my fire!’ paired with one of the most justified jam sessions to ever hog up vinyl real estate.” “Oh, damn you, Al Green! I’m just gonna have to crank up the volume on your wicked cover.” I can only describe Feliciano’s cover as surprisingly well done.
Pat benatar – she started me off on this oldies kick – “You heard of classic rock? This is beyond classic rock.”
SYLVESTER!! Dance (Disco Heat) –LIVE– “Sylvester, you make me wanna dance! One of the best kept secrets in live music of the 70s.”
Supertramp – Hide in your shell “Grab onto what you can scramble for!”
Louie Louie – The Kingsmen “Still looking for the live version from the Wand Records LP “The Kingsmen IN PERSON! <>”” Actually this version IS that version. They just edited out the applause.
Del Shannon – Runaway. I plan to do this one as a Karaoke as soon as I get the nerve up. Need a shot of courage from the barkeep.
Pat Benatar – “(Stop Using) Sex As A Weapon” OH YEAH!! A true golden oldie

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