Sign Dennis Kucinich’s “Health Care As A Right” Petition
Please sign it. The more the merrier! I realize the universal healthcare for the USA movement is very disorganized at this point. We aren’t organized enough to call a 50 million Uninsured American March on Washington AND bring it to fruition yet.

1. Everyone is covered and nobody can opt out.
2. Nobody pays more than they can afford.
3. Health care delivery is strictly not-for-profit.

Eventually we hope to have millions upon millions who support the bringing of this revolutionary, life saving idea to the United States. Other countries already have it. Some went to universal early on, like Great Britain. Others didn’t have it at all until the late 90s, like Taiwan. Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands and Great Britain all have comprehensive universal health – for everything from stress relief to tooth cleanings. Even some very poor countries have it, like Cuba. Other poor countries offer everyone some health services (not comprehensive): Costa Rica, where everyone has access to a clinic and a dentist.

For an introductory overview of universal healthcare in other countries, watch the documentary “Sick Around The World”:

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