Don’t Trash Medicare. Save Your Darn Life, It Will.

I was surprised when I had people reply to my posts where I support extending Medicare eligibility to more Americans with a reply that I should be informed Medicare isn’t very good, so Medicare isn’t a good solution to the health crisis. I very much beg to differ.
The reply went on to say they hated it because it costs and hassles them. Well, I have private insurance through my employer, and I pay costs and go through hassles getting my medical needs met as well. This is actually normal in the United States. It’s actually, at this point, beyond Medicare’s powers to change that. If you’ve experienced the medical system in Europe, you’d be amazed at how well run it is. But we have to live with this one. The reply complained Medicare requires co-pays for prescription drugs. Same story here, again. I have to fork up something at every stop.
A health insurance plan will help out with, but not cover 100%, of many everyday health expenses like medicines and doctor visits. But that’s not the main reason you are enrolled in a health plan, is it? The main thing you is that you are taken to a good hospital or treatment center if you get into a car accident, have a heart attack or have cancer. Without that health plan card, you will be presented with a bill for $50,000, $75,000 or even $200,000 and up! Or worse, you will not be treated at all. Bizarre, otherworldly bills make health insurance costly for everyone in America.
If you have no pre-existing conditions that would disqualify you from a private insurer’s enrollment but can’t afford a typical HMO membership, you can try to save by buying a plan with a high deductible. I had “Blue Cross Prudent Buyer Plan” when I needed a $4,000 tonsillectomy/adenoid removal combo surgery. 40% of that bill Blue Cross paid when all was said and done. And I was just really happy and grateful to be rid of a bad case of tonsillitis. But Medicare would cover the whole thing with no high deductible.
Medicare doesn’t end when you lose your job. It follows you to your next job. It’s there even while you’re looking for a job. That cuts down on hassle for everyone from employers to employees.
So I say to you all who are on Medicare: stand up sing its praises. Defend it when people put it down and support extending it to more Americans. You have health insurance through Medicare! And yet there are millions of people in the country without any health insurance! It’s more than a shame. It is a tragedy.

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