Storm #26

The answer to yesterday’s question, “what is that out at sea” is: that was storm 26, which is described by the weather service as part of “a series of upper air disturbances.” Semi-organized, Storm 26 is complimenting yesterday’s nighttime showers with… more nightime showers tonight (Friday, Feb 5) (and this morning- Saturday, Feb. 6). Set to be all cleared out of here by “Saturday afternoon”, storm 26 is brining more sweet, sweet rain. And Storm 27 is predicted to arrive by Monday.

Still dumping rain as of Saturday 11pm. In fact, far from being over by “Saturday Afernoon”, the rains intensified after noon had passed. But as you can see in this Saturday Night picture below, Storm 26 was all but history for California except here in eastern Fresno County. If you study the infra-red image closely, you can see the backside of #26 is still circling counter-clockwise clouds with lots of moisture in them out over the Fresno County portion of the Central San Joaquin Valley. Still dumping buckets out there, and it’s now Super Bowl Sunday. Talk about long goodbyes. This storm event began on Friday evening around 9pm and by all reasonable estimation should have been well evacuated into the Basin and Range region (Nevada) by midday today (Saturday, Feb. 6).

Storm 26 Precipitation distribution (Saturday, Feb. 6):

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