Niiice, Dave! Video Blogs for January 2010.

How in the heck am I going to get everything I’ve posted to my “embedded videos blog” on Tumblr over to my Regular Blog? Copy-paste. Copy-paste. Copy-paste. Copy-paste.

1. Hello! This is my Tumblr Log!

love peace and friendly furriness to all!

2. Trader Joe’s humor. RATED G.

The delightful Trader Joe’s song from Carl’s Fine Films. Still haven’t guessed what city it’s filmed in. Gotta be somewhere in L.A.

3. Trader Joe’s humor. RATED R.

Sort of gives you an idea of what’s in the real Trader Joe’s training video.

4. Cat humor. RATED G.

The stalking cat.

5. Cat humor. RATED PG.

The praying cat.

6. Animal humor. RATED G.

“Dramatic Chipmunk” or Gopher.

7. Obesity humor. Self esteem humor. RATED R.

Don’t get too shocked by what appears to be low self esteem. The truth about songs is, they go where they want to go, not where we wish they would go. So, here’s to a song that the performers follow straight down the rabbit hole with no fear whatsoever!

8. Rock song. RATED R.

“Nancy Boy” by Placebo
I finally found this song! I downloaded it one day 10 yrs ago, a live version that sounded very much like this, and then I lost it in The Great Not Backed Up Hard Drive Crash of 2005! I’m so happy I’ve relocated it. I think this band is either Swedish or Dutch. If they’re Swedes, their hair is died. It’s a rock scene called “Emo”, which is decsended from “Goth.” Freekin’ awesome song!

9. 1960s television. Variety Show. Musicals. Christmas. Rated G.

This is just too damn totally cool.

10. Music. 1970s Disco. Rated G.

You call me strange ‘cause you don’t understand
God’s role for me in life’s overall plan
I’ve learned to hold my head up high
Not in scorn nor disgrace
Doin’ my thing individually
Entwined with this human race

Now I won’t judge you – don’t you judge me
We’re all the way nature meant us to be

YAY MOTOWN RECORDS! Carl Bean – “I was Born This Way” Disco, 1978

11. 2000s Rock music video. RATED PG

binu: God, I still love this song.
everythinginthesky: Nada Surf – “Popular”
me: BrillianT!!

12. New York humor. Parody. RATED PG.

Empire State Of Mind (Bloomberg Style)

13. My video – News Year’s Eve. RATED PG.

2010! (Really short video) from David Prasad on Vimeo.

The still mode couldn’t capture the magical twinkling of the lights.

14. My video – New Year’s Eve. RATED PG.

Darlene Spins Fire! from David Prasad on Vimeo.

“Darlene Spins Fire!”
New Year’s Eve, enjoying Fresno’s Tower District, and Darlene’s fire spinning dance!

15. My video – New Year’s Eve. RATED PG.

Darlene Spins Fire Some More! from David Prasad on Vimeo.

“Darlene Spins Fire Some More!”
Showing off her skillz!

16. Martin Luther King. RATED PG.

Part 1 of “I’ve Been To The Mountain Top” by Martin Luther King, Jr. (Speech to the Sanitation Workers Union in Memphis, Tennessee – also his last)

17. Martin Luther King. RATED PG.

Part 2 of “I’ve been To The Mountain Top” by Martin Luther King, Jr.

18. Television. Local. Simpsons-related. RATED G.

Local morning TV show Great Day’s Simpsonized opening. Impressive! Looks expensive.

20. Music TV show clip. British 70s New Wave. RATED PG-13

The Stranglers – “Nice ‘N’ Sleazy”
One of my recent favorite missed songs of the New Wave era (a missed song being a song I never heard in its day but discovered years later). “Nice ‘an SLeazeh!!! Nice an’ SLeazeh!! Does It! Does it! Does it ! EVERY TIME!”

19. Public Enemy. 80s Rap. RATED R.

Public Enemy – Night of the Living Baseheads

*Chico 408* | MySpace Video
It’s the late 80s! Rap music, Arsenio Hall-dos, Rodney King riots and crackhouses. Sure, they all go together and come at you on the evening news. All over the news all you’d see was black=looting, black=riots, black=thugs, black=gunfire, black=drugs. If you were there in the late 80s, you know it wasn’t just blacks. Everybody was doing it! There’s MC Lyte in the video as a reporter checking on Wall Street, they’re doing it, and it’s 100% true! But my hair stood up in awe at just seeing Flava Flav dance in this fun and creative music video!

21. Public Enemy. 80s Rap. RATED PG.

This is what it was like to see them live.

22. Public Enemy and Anthrax. 80s Rap. Heavy Metal. RATED PG.

Public Enemy with super-versatile thrash metal band Anthrax, teaming up for a fresh version of “Bring Tha Noise!” – which was inspired by RUN-DMC teaming up with Aerosmith to do “Walk This Way.” (The original has no video!!) Needless to say, but remakes weren’t as good as the original.
I feel slight discord with one line in the song: “Farrakan’s a prophet who I think you outta listen to. What he could say to you…” Sure, check him out. I think he’s annoying and preaches anti-gay and anti-Semite. Why can’t he stick to attacking white power? Because he’s a creep. That’s why.

23. World Music. West Africa. Senegal. Theone Seck. RATED G.

I wanted to post Senegalese singer Theone Seck’s loving tribute to Winnie & Nelson Mandela, “Kharebi”, but found no official videos by him. You can hear that one on Justydriver Radio, right after the Ozzy Ozbourne. Yes, I’m eclectic. Anyway, this fan slideshow video of another song from the same album, “Favori”, will have to do. This is music guaranteed to give you chills, it’s so pretty: his voice and the West African style of pop melody.

24. World music. Haiti. Rumba. Posted in light of Haiti earthquake. RATED G.

Haiti’s Rumba music is beautiful: Sak Pasé! Liberté! by The Welfare Poets is a song about, well, let them explain:

“Sak Pasé
From its monumental revolution and establishment as the first free Black nation in the Western Hemisphere, to its current crisis, Sak Pasé is a cry for liberty and freedom for a nation that has contributed so much to the world; Haiti. The song is played in Cuban Cha Cha Cha with a touch of Hip Hop, with usage of Haitian Creole. Some terms used are Sak Pasé, Nap Bulé, Liberté a Ayiti translated to What’s up/Burning or I’m hot/Emancipate Haiti, respectively. Also mentioned is Bwa Kayman, the spiritual site in Haiti where Vodou Priest, Boukman held the ceremony that started the revolution in the 1790’s, which is still inspiring ideas of freedom and revolution in the minds of millions around the world.”

And for all who find these people inferior because they find their country in ruins: explain how they all speak 3 languages fluently there: French, English and Spanish. Kinds of makes me feel dumb.

Haiti is a country the U.S. meddles with because it sees its enemies meddling with Haiti as well. At least that’s what the propaganda says. But the loss of Haiti as a slave country served as warning to the other slave countries 250 years ago that revolution could happen to them as well.

25. News report. Haiti. World food crisis affects places that don’t produce their own food. How Haiti wound up being such a place. RATED PG.

26. Haiti earthquake. Politics. Media. Jon Stuart. RATED PG-13.
Jonathan Stuart Liebowitz (a national treasure!) blasts Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson — and admonishes Rachel Maddow — over their reaction to the disaster in our sister country, Haiti.

27. RATED G.

28. Music video. RATED G.

The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Live from New York City)
Holy sh**! This dude is gorgeous!

29. Coakley for Senate. Lame political ad. RATED G.

Martha Coakley is running for Senator Ted Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts.

30. Comedy. Political satire. Coakley for Senate. RATED PG-13.—the-re-changening

31. Comedy. Stephen Colbert. Sports. Winter Olympics. RATED PG-13.—speedskating-team-training—speedskating-team-training—tucker-fredricks

32. Political humor. Satire. Health care reform. RATED PG-13.

It’s what Democrats need to liven up their Party.

33. Medical humor. Hip-hop. Satire. RATED PG-13.

The great thing about hip-hop is no topic is off limits to it.

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