Storm 23

The Alaskan low has reestablished itself in the same position it was in last Thursday and will bring in yet another string of Pacific storms. Weather forecasts are low key, calling for at most light, brief precipitation for the San Joaquin Valley. As usual, the Bay Area and the Northern California mountains are seeing all these new storms, so I’m thinking flooding could come to be a headline in the near future, particularly the flood-prone Russian River, which floods on average every 5 years. The people up there enjoy it or they wouldn’t insist on living there. It’s a paradise up there in the Redwood Empire.
By the way, yesterday’s storm tinkled through with about a half trace of rain. Our local Sierras scored no more than an hour or two of snow I’m sure. A trace will at least cover all exposed cement surfaces with an even layer of wetness. Yesterday, there were just spots where individual meteors came to rest, and they only stayed because the valley air has been at or near dewpoint all weekend.
The Sierra are under an avalanche warning, with layers of snow piled on top of older, more compact snow, the new snow is not likely to be very well glued to the mountainsides.
In other news, get ready for a bummer. The exploding job growth rate scored by Merced and other Valley towns in the official government employment figures was only due to seasonal ag jobs that were there during the summer, when the report was put together, but are all now gone! You would think they’d consider that when making those reports. Anyways, run, down walk, to Merced, home to the nation’s fastest “job growth rate.” Unfortunately, California is still hemorrhaging jobs, mostly to overseas facilities. Apply for a formerly Californian job today!
And, there goes Kopi. Kopi on Great Day says he’s doing his duty for humanity by being politically correct on the air. Great, Kopi, what’s going on today? Any birthdays? Oh yeah, you got birthdays. Fresno Police have any “person of interest” you need to show the pictures of on the news in connection with murders in town over the weekend? Hey! I used to work with that guy!

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