Bye, Bye Storm 20 – the last of the January Jet Series

Not to say it’s the last storm. Straggling in behind the massive Storm 20 is a low pressure cell, storm 21, which will cause thunderstorms here and there and more mountain snow.
What a series of storms. What an intense weather event. If the storms had gone by more slowly, they would have produced far more precipitation totals and much longer periods of precipitation. These storms were hopped up on an ultra-fast jet, which is unusal this early in the year. The weather this year has been warm, with a brief cold snap when cold was imported from very far away. The local air has been very warm by December-January standards, which had no doubt fueled the jet into the 200 MPH juggernaut that it was.
One thing a warm winter with 2 brief cold snaps has given us is INCREDIBLE ORANGES! Oranges get ruined in frost, but actually require just some frost from temperatures no lower than 26 degrees F for 6 hours to result in extra big, perfectly orange-colored fruit that is delicious as it looks. Well, that’s exactly what we got. Never have I eaten so many oranges.
The 2009-10 rainy season kicked on October 11 with the arrival of Storm 1, to date, the 2nd largest storm of the year, with Storm 20 stealing that title outright. For Fresno, storm 1 offered byfar the most rain – 1.5 inches. But Storm 20 was a geniune winter storm, with plenty of mountain snow.

Storm 20 is now a midwest storm and the culmination of a series of 5 incredible storm fronts. Straggling in the wake of the colossal west coast storm is a low pressure cell, good enough to count as Storm 21.

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