Storm 19

Storm 19 precipitation distribution

3:15 am
Storm 19 is tightly wound storm, spinning like a corkscrew because of its deep center, located just off the coast by Eureka. A brisk flow of water vapor is feeding the cold core from the south, creating a big storm event.

Today’s notable warnings: Winter Storm, Southern Cascades, Siskiyou, Trinity, Sierra Nevada and Panamint Mountains, The Grapevine, San Garbiel Mountains, and San Bernardino Moutains; Coastal Flood Warning, City of San Francisco, Santa Cruz coast, Los Angeles Basin, Palos Verdes; High Wind Warning, Sacramento Valley, Northern San Joaquin Valley Modesto on up, Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Santa Maria Counties; Storm Warning, all seas going well off the coast Point Arena to Orange County.

4:00-5:00 am
I just noticed they dropped the coastal flood warning for Los Angeles Basin and Palos Verdes, and have just put out a new one, for Orange County.

5:15 am – it’s raining! 5:16 am – not it’s not – that was the damn washing machine.

Watching these storm waves come in is like watching water waves come in to shore. Some break before you thought they would, others come in and splash you head to toe.
Be careful and alert and enjoy the beautiful storm as it blesses this beautiful state. I don’t have a day off until Friday to go out and roadtrip the state during this marvelous weather event and get Flikr Pictures of the storminess. Like a storm chaser, I will want to choose the direction likely to have the “worst” weather!
3 am satellite:

Let’s hear it for Storm 17!
Storm 17 is bringing freezing rain to Iowa and severe thunderstorms to Arkansas. Sock it to ’em big boy!

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