200,000 estimated dead in Haiti Earthquake

I just saw the news from Haiti. Death toll estimate is now 200,000. An Israeli team on ABC News was shaking their heads at the Unites States relief team: sadly disorganized, extremely slow to set up. Doctors without borders says that they have been unable to move in with medical supplies and doctors. The cause: a bottleneck caused by U.S. operations that have taken over and snarled the ports.
A friend of mine on Facebook (and yes he is a fellow American) said if we [The United States] were going somewhere to kill 10,000 instead of save 10,000 lives, we would have had the roads cleared, ports open, equipment rolling and troops moving in within an hour! You know that’s exactly what the relief teams from abroad are saying about us.
Bill Clinton responded to the complaints that he promised things would get better rapidly. Go Team!

So, 200,000. That will be the largest toll I ever heard of from a quake. The condition of the buildings in Port Au Prince, that fact that the poor slums are on hills where homes tumbled down. The sheer force of the quake is another factor. Very shallow, for very abrupt movements. I wonder what the duration was? I’ll try to locate a seismograph of it.
US Geological Survey Report

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