Haiti Relief on Martin Luther King Day

It’s Martin Luther King Day and the New Clinton/Bush Haiti Fund is raising funds for the impressive relief effort in Haiti. On Saturday’s news, I saw pictures of relief boxes being calmly carried by unharassed volunteers and big relief supply trucks driving through Port Au Prince, right past thousands of patiently waiting people on an unblocked and open road. That is a sign the people trust that help is coming and it’s getting to people who need it the most first, with fairness. I’m rooting for the success of this relief effort: go team!

Welcome Storm 17, The Martin Luther King Day Storm

Update: Storm 17 precipitation distribution

Storm 16 was so 8 hours ago. Storm 17 is bringing more rain, more snow, even some lightning to Central California today.

Do you have umbrellas for marching in the rain today on Martin Luther King Day? Of course not. What respectable Fresnan would. A little rain quote from MLK’s “I have been to the mountaintop” speech to get you motivated…

I’m delighted to see each of you here tonight in spite of a storm warning. You reveal that you are determined to go on anyhow. Something is happening in Memphis, something is happening in our world.


Satellite picture: Storm 17, the Martin Luther King Day Storm, rolls in, well organized, blessing the parched earth with rain and snow.

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