It’s Not Who We Are, It’s What We Do

I just saw one of the best live disaster zone reports ever from FOX News corresponsent Steve Harrigan on the Shep Smith Show. I’ve tried to embed the video, but only Huff Post seems able to embed this one — just scroll to the bottom and watch the full clip.

It happened so fast, this huge earthquake in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, you may have missed the story. Get caught up by turning on the news now. Just don’t turn on FOX News. They are barely covering it. I tuned to ABC News and was not disappointed: they are great as usual. But I’ve heard high praise for MSNBC’s coverage.

The tremendous U.S. Government response under President Obama to the earthquake disaster in Haiti is a beauty to behold, for to our beleaguered brothers and sisters in Haiti, a true sister country of the US, the first free country in the New World, and the first home to emancipated slaves, should come a most commensurate effort of relief.

The USAID website is chock full of response details, and this thing just happened the day before yesterday. The huge US gov’t response under Obama is actually great news for our donated bucks – having someone there with the big equipment will make getting the aid to the starving and injured easier and mitigate a disease outbreak. Let’s hear it for money well intentioned not getting wasted away just trying to set up a structure for the aid to reach its ground destination.

Haiti deserves our long-absent goodwill. And look at the miracles it can acheive:
Did you know that since US govt effort to aid in the Indonesian tsunami disaster, national opinion of the USA in that 90% Muslim country shot up to favorable and hasn’t fallen since? Credit where credit is due – that was under Bush. Wherever he directed US goodwill, local opinion of our country has been high. They break for Americans in Albania, a 70% Muslim country. So there’s the proof: It’s not who we are, it’s what we do.

My first donation of $25 was to the Clinton Foundation Haiti relief. My second was $35 to Doctors Without Borders. The Clinton Foundation donation specifies all dollars go the Haiti earthquake disaster and the Doctors Without Borders, a primarily European organization, donation for all their general operations around the world, of which Haiti has been a major involvement for them for years.

Haiti has been left a shambles by a series of bad governments supported by the U.S. : — 2008 story on the ongoing food crisis and why Haiti is having one at all.

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