Storm 12 Part II

The storm system that is storm 12, as oblong as it has become pressed up against that strong barricade over Nevada, has moved on shore and pushed that barrier towards the east. That means there’s now room for storms to come ashore here in California. And that is what appears to be about to happen. There are some robust looking storms heading in from the waters due west of Southern and Central California. At least that what it looks like.

The massive cloudly blobs of heavy water vapor content air that looked like huge storm clouds on the Water Vapor image came right in, and are over California now, but instead of heavy rain, it’s sunny. The Water vapor isn’t condensed. The extra vapor in the air should create spectacular sunset, however, and that is just getting started now.
Updated satellite: not one those huge clouds of water vapor are condensed — it is sunny!!

The moisture rich air came from a southwest direction, so as you might have guess — it’s totally pleasant outside! So I went and photographed the sunset, picking a picturesque spot to do it from: a dormant orchard near Sanger.

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