The Delicious Fire of Solstice Light

I’m joyously in love with the special light of the sun at this time of year. Haven’t got out to see it yet, but check out the beautiful light captured by a Flickr contributor (credited in the photo caption above). In this light, it is the best time to get out and see your gorgeous countryside. The sun is unique at this time of year because it is at two extremes simultaneously: solstice and perigee. For solstice, Northern Hemisphere dwellers are tilted farthest away from the sun and it shines on us at the lowest angle, and in Alaska, Norway, not at all. Earth orbit is also nearest the sun, so it is brightest and hottest at this time. See how in the photo it roars with intensity from beyond the frosty horizon of winter. This photo was snapped in the rolling hills of the east Bay Area not far from Danville, California.

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