A British Columbia Clipper – storm 11

Just in time for the upcoming Olympics, some nice, cold air from British Columbia, where everyone, from cradle to grave, has complete Universal Health Care coverage. The subtropical jet has supplied the storm inland, so get out your shovel SLC Dan! The storm is outside right now, dropping tiny raindrops – not measurable precip. Maybe a snow dusting for the Mtns?

Sprinkles – that’s it? That’s what I said? It’s been raining off and on for 7 hours now, with very brief downpours then very faint sprinkles. – I’m going to grab a fresh satellite image just to see how this storm is playing out…

The cold dry (Dry-because cold air holds little water vapor) air from off the coast of British Columbia arrives.

Okay, I see what’s been happening. The warm wet air from the south has been, right along the easter edge of the San Joaquin Valley, thanks in part to the uplift created by the Sierra Nevada, just getting lifted high enough to form precipitating clouds. Streams of warm wet air have been starting cloudtrains that chug northward to Utah and Nevada all day. This is just coming to an end right now. The Canadian air has finally arrived. We’re under a freeze watch tonight, but not a freeze warning, since the Canadian air appears to be stretching out and getting modified (or tamed) quite a bit.

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