Crazy Songs of High School

Back in high school, Hoover High in Fresno, California, from 1979-1982, I ran with a bunch of post pubescents who had tons of manic energy and no interest in the dating scene, and poured some of it into comedy songs. Some of them where quite good, others just good only to our ears, and others totally sucked to all ears. The actual music era we were living in was the punk (Dead Kennedys, The Dickies, the Ramones) New Wave (Split Enz, The Police, The Clash) era on the “white side” and very early hip hop and rap (Grandmaster Flash, Sugarhill Gang) and R&B dance (Bar Kays, Cameo, The Gap Band, The Whispers) on the “black side” of the American music scene. There was also the comedy of the day: Monty Python, Saturday Night Live, Steve Martin, CFheech & Chong, Robin Williams and Richard Pryor, even Bill Cosby. Then there was Dr. Demento, the radio show of novelty songs. We had movies we shared as a group favorites: Mel Brooks 1968 classic “The Producers”, The John Landis tour de force “The Blues Brothers”, Ringo Starr in “The Magic Christian”, the mocumentaries “Meet the Rutles” and “This Is Spinal Tap”. We like old time Amnerican comedy, like Laurel & Hardy and The Three Stooges. Then there were Don’s Movies, John’s Movies, Ray’s Movies. I sudder to think “what if there was the internet” back then. Then We liked really bad movies, too: Xanadu. We all liked classic rock, some of us soul and Disco. We were too backwards and out of style for punk/new wave/Rap & R&B.
Then there was our own songs. Our recording studio: a cassette recorder on the floor.
to be continued as I think I might now try to unbury the archives…

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