The blasts from the sea continue – Storm #10

The powerful jet stream that has got the central California coast in front of a wind tunnel continues to blow, and from the front of the tunnel, waves of storm disturbance ripples, arcs of energized storm waves pour in one after another nonstop. Well, almost nonstop. There was a break in them big enough to distinguish apart those belonging to a series of them I called Storm nine and today’s even heavier rain waves I’m calling storm 10.

Check out the fresh new blast - no wonder it's so dark outside and it's noon.

Storm 10 is forecasted to end by morning and stagnant weather, including dense fog, shall be in full effect by Monday. Storm totals for Storm 9 and 10, the Pacific Blast twins, just half an inch for Fresno (due to a long cross-valley rain shadow cast by the Coast Range caused by the storm’s speed) and 4 inches in the mountains that get the rain the rain shadowed areas don’t.

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