Storm #9 – From The Pacific – Flyover Country

NEW UPDATES GETTING TACKED ON to end of this article

Storm #9 is the leading edge of a new movement of Pacific Ocean storms onto the mainland. As you may have heard, the Northern Pacific has been exquisitely stormy. You should see my vacationing Flickr friend’s beautiful Hawaiian pictures, particularly the ones he got of the surf. The wild, wavy waters and incendiary sunsets are gorgeous and present a very atypical Hawaiian beach seascape. Really, Hawaiian beaches are normally quite boring. The Hawaiian Islands are mountains, and if you want to go to the hottest, stickiest, most uncomfortable part of Hawaii, it’s any beach that doesn’t get rain. Any way, I digress, for Storm #9 is in town, and it the first storm from wild, wet, wintertime stormy sea!

Punch Pow! Fistful of Pacific storm air hits West Coast

Punch Pow! Fistful of Pacific storm air hits West Coast

Enjoying Storm #9, the second significant storm this year, while storm #8 was very significant for points south of Bakersfield. That was the cold one, remember, but it was also the wet one for the inland regions of Southern California.
UPDATE 1:45 pm PDT
Storm #9 brought a sustained heavy rain for central California and heavy snow for the Sierras today! It’s a ski resort opener! The ground, air and sky is super wet outside – lots of lingering moisture.

UPDATE! 4 am Saturday morning, 12/12/09

Ripples of storm waves crash into the west coast like breakers at a beach

The ramrodding jet stream crashing into the west coast continues! And the flow has sped up and gotten wider. Many waves of “disturbances” continue to ripple inland from the coast. I am just considering all these myriad disturbances, as each flies over, bringing another cloud band of precipitation, creating the “on-off” effect, all part of storm #9.

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