Another one of my Flickr pictures gets used! Yay!

My Flickr picture of the Python snake in India was picked up for a Wikipedia Germany article about Indian (Tigerpython) Pythons! Along with inclusion of the photo in the article is info about the snake in the picture, which is nice for me, because I had no idea what kind of python it was, just that it was big. The park guides so kindly pointed her/him out. This park isn’t one for self-guided walks, I guess. You’d miss so much! They love their park and share with you well. In India, custom is the pay and tip. It’s old world. The guides at the park are excellent, by the way, so you’ll be happy to tip them.
Anyway, my picture’s inclusion in the article is great news after one of my Flickr pictures taken in Hawaii that was used by a nature web site had to be dropped because instead of it being a picture of a rare Hawaiian plant, it was a plant that can we found throughout the Pacific Ocean’s many tropical Islands and is actually quite the weed!

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  1. Congrats on the image being used–that must be nice.


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