Storm #8 is an Ice Brr Grr


Deep freeze in the valley tonight

Storm #8's very cold air settles into the valley

After a warm autumn that had farmers whining and complaining, as they usually do about everything, Winter has finally arrived. It’s outside right now. As for the powerful anti-environmentalist movement headquartered here in Fresno, the most anti-environmentalist city in America, good storms are devastating to the cause of undoing the legislation to revive the fish habitat of the California Delta, downstream from Fresno, because they can’t claim that they are unable to farm the steppelands (Steppes are dry grasslands) of the Central Valley. Unfortunately, this storm isn’t that wet. But it is plenty cold, and will threaten the citrus crop tonight and tomorrow night. When the Pacific storm flow is weak, icy air from the Great Basin tends to get into California. Tonight, a moderately deep freeze and tomorrow a deeper deep freeze will take hold of California’s inland valleys after band of light, cold precipitation passes over the Valley while leaving about a foot of snow for the Sierras. On Thursday, a warmer, wetter storm will arrive, then behind that, I presume an even warmer, even wetter storm.
The National Weather Service central Valley’s page today:

I was curious about the “coastal flood statement” on the lower left, since the cloud band really doesn’t thicken until you get inland, so i went back to check out the statement and they took it down.

I just realized why that coastal flooding warning may have been posted in the first place … there was a storm down there!
In the picture of storm 8, you see that sea of clouds south of it? That’s the real Storm 8. The part we here in Central California saw of it was a minor cloud wave riding in behind it. Cold air surged from Manitoba, Alberta and Montana while a stream of Pacific moisture riding the Subtropical Jet provided the moisture needed to create a huge, practically nationwide storm event. Down San Diego, Imperial Valley way, then all the way out to Nebraska — an extremely huge storm event also rolled ahead of the cold Canadian air surge. There was street flooding in San Diego, and it was San Diego’s first winter storm of significance. There were blizzards all points east under that cloud… so a fresh look at that picture of Storm 8…

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