I Support ACORN

With ACORN under attack by opportunistic forces smelling a kill, I say, “why allow someone sticking their neck out to get decapitated?” I support ACORN. ACORN is the tip of the spear organization of poor peoples’ advocates. They are miles ahead of the Urban League and the NAACP in that department. If you want to weaken and demoralize the left, you make a “decapitation move”, to cut of the head of the movement. Such strategy is the key motivator for assassinations, such as the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Bush tried to do that to Saddam Hussein, remember, by bombing his location prior to the 2003 re-invasion of Iraq. Sure, Saddam Hussein was a fetid turd … oh new Java update, download now? sure … but it was no task for another fetid turd to decapitate him. As the late Molly Ivins said, Bush had nothing but a mandate to “be nice.”
I defend the ACORN office workers caught on tape “appearing to assist a pimp of child protistutes to cheat on his taxes” modus operandii (I realize it’s misspelled – I have no idea how it’s spelled – I don’t use dictionaries, they interrupt your train of thought) of helping child prostitute pimps up front and then contemplating a call to the police later. It would never occur to me if I were one of them that the right wing would target my office with a fake pimp of child prostitutes to catch me helping one. It would have been an unusual occurrence, and “just go ahead and help them and then talk the situation over later” would have been the way to go about it.
To call the police or not call the police? To not call the police but just send the “pimp” on his way to cheat on his taxes would have been the most probable reaction. The last thing a field office put in place to help the people of the ghetto needs a reputation for being is an arm of the law that ordinary folks of the ghetto in need cannot trust. I would have like to have seen that pimp impersonator in the film … the new software is ready to install, restart my computer? … sure

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