Storm #7 – the latest brief windbag and banana peel

storm #7 - ooo, bring it on?

Storm #7

Storm #6, the 20 minute sprinkle of last week, was not enough to make puddles, but offered up a slippery coating of wet on all roads that valley drivers, notorious for not slowing down in degraded driving conditions, used to slide all over and even kill a few. Good show, Valley drivers! Way to go! It’s so bad, the CHP should consider shutting down all roads in such brief storms. Well, here comes another one. Storm #7 is outside right now. It’s the latest windbag and banana peel. It’s really dry and windy right now. Lots of clouds. It’s the dying remnants of a Pacific Northwest storm again. This one looked like it would bring more slippery rain than the last one, actually make a puddle or two, but I don’t know. It’s been nearly TWO FREAKIN’ MONTHS since the deluge of October 12, the best deep-soaking rainfall in years. We need more than one. A decent series long, deep-soaking rainfalls are due, but will they show?

12 hour later update:
Unbelievably, Storm #7 is still hanging out. We’ve had trace-level sprinkles all evening, and treacherous slipperiness out on the roads of the Valley. A small low pressure cell associated with it has wandered into the South Valley and is bringing some momentary, localized medium-intesity rain to Wasco, Bakersfield, Taft, Arvin, Buttonwillow. That area.

South Valley getting a localized 2:45am watering

South Valley getting a localized 2:45am watering

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