Today’s Morning Arguments

The hot topic at our breakfast table was THE BOW. On yesterday’s news, President Obama went to Japan and met The Emperor. In the greetings ceremony, Obama bowed the proper deep bow in accordance with Japanese tradition. The Emperor, as the highest human in all the world, according to the Japanese, would warrant the deepest bow. The Emperor, being the highest human, indeed a diety, doesn’t bow back. Not even to the head of state of another country, even if that country is the only country, besides Russia, to ever defeat Japan in a war. So, did President Obama do the right thing by showing respect to the Emperor of Japan and Japanese belief and custom on behalf of the American People? Or how dare he bow even one inch to a monarch whose creed isn’t worth the soiling upon a sheet of toilet paper? Or who cares? It was a split: 1 vote for “right thing”, 1 vote for “who cares” and 1 vote for “how dare” .
Next up, I noticed mom was enthralled with bargain Christmas items in a catalog. I felt it was important to mention those goods are Chinese and made by children and prisoners. It would be nice if those goods weren’t from sources, but they are. Well, good news. Christmas shopping could be made respectable again if America can stand up for the right thing.
That “Blue Dog” Democrat, Montana Senator Max Baucus, introduced legislation I could support 100%: a big sweeping ban – finally – on the importation of any products made with prison labor or child labor. That’s right, enough is enough, time for the people of the United States to say, no more support for profits from incarceration or exploitation of children. Send the kids to school to get an education and the keep the profits out of prisons. Also, bring some jobs back to the USA that were stolen by these prisoner labor operations overseas. The Chinese Red Army, which uses prison labor, manufactures stuff like Christmas ornaments and does a good business of it. We don’t support the Red Army, do we? The Tienanmen Square massacre people? Remember? No debate, right?
Nope, one of us thought prisoners being idle, no matter where, was a bad thing, and supported there being “jobs in prison”! My jaw was too dropped to talk any more politics after that.

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