Why does Democracy in America appear to be dead?

Why in the hell is Goldman Sachs in charge of the economy? Why are we at war – dumbass wars with no point and no end? Why can’t we have a public option if a simple majority wants one? Why are we afraid of terrorists – we can’t handle a few explosions? Terrorism is why the government is reading this blog, your blog (well, blogs are public — actually that’s OK, I guess), your personal email, and listening to your phone calls without a warrant.  Why is America torturing (oh, EXCUSE ME, using EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION to have someone else do the torturing FOR us? We’re either for a world without torture and tyranny or we’re not)? Why do we back Israel when they kill civilians and pen their majority population (the Palestinians) into a small strips and enclaves of crowded land and have a religious Army of zealots with nuclear weapons? Why is the coup government still in power in Honduras? Why is everything made in China? Why are we funding an insurgency in Bolivia? Why are gays still not allowed in the military? Why are Christian fundamentalists running the military? Why is the Defense of Marriage Act still law? Why have the foreclosures not stopped? Why is NAFTA still law? Why are college tuition rates still skyrocketing? Why are health insurance premiums still going up? Why is the White House, the Pentagon, the Justice Department, the CIA, and everything American, so unresponsive to the people they’re supposed to serve? It must be that democracy has died here.

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