Blog About Nothing #1

Mundane blog because I forgot what I was going to blog about:

Baseball season’s over. Summer’s gone. Bring on Winter. Winter’s got it goin’on . Gonna go to the sea and watch the big waves, gonna go the snow. Gonna play.

Hurray the Dodgers won the meaningless game after the game in which they clinched the Division title from the Rockies. I consider that victory an important sign they want to play winning baseball and they’ll need all the determination they can get when they face the Cards. ++++ Looking forward to seeing the TiVo of the Vikings vs. Green Bay. Mr. Farve is Mr. Excitement. That game he played last week against … uh can’t remember who it was he destroyed last weekend … he was tremendous. I hope it wasn’t the 49ers. I’d hate to think I couldn’t remember the 49ers losing o Favre. It wasn’t the Niners, was it? They are officially my favorite team, but my “fan identification quotient” with them isn’t as high as with the Dodgers – that’s the only sports team besides the Fresno State Bulldogs whose fortunes can actually impact my mood +++ Missed seeing “Capitalism: a love story” because my Dad wasn’t well enough to get out of the house, but I turns out it’s depression. His decision to get help seemes to have been spurred by Ken Burns’ “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea”. He loves the National Parks. We all identify strongly with the Parks, just like we do with the flag, and we’ve been hoping intensely Obama can change some things and bring some pride back to that flag. We’ve literally taken solace in happy memories of trips to Yosemite, Sequoia, Oregon Sand Dunes and Crater Lake and enjoying the story of how the parks were created amid opposition from bad guys by a bunch of good guys, and America won. The Brazilian plane pictured above helped take us all this Summer down to Hawaii – the Big Island, where we saw Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

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