Pete and Kate plus 8 or Whatever that is

I’m beside myself my original blog got deleted. That means means this one, The Continuation of the Posts of Niiice, Dave! isn’t safe either.
I also seemed to have lost my Gmail account in the deal, cutting me off from any explanation, since Gmail was where I received correspondence regarding my blog. I figure there is no explanation. They are a service – free, no less – you have a chance to establish what you’re about and they can then scour your entire blog for violations after you’ve been blogging a while, and upon seeing a heinous willingness to flout their lengthy list of infractions, hit the kill command. Industry rumor sites, art and music sites, gay sites and political sites tend to be too controversial or run into copyright trouble, and get flagged for reviews. You look at what it’s okay to blog with no problem, it’s sports and celebrities. Not even military blogs are safe – posts by servicemembers tend to be politically incorrect or embarrassing to the public image of the military. They tend to reveal too much about what goes into a “pep talk” out there. “Kill, kill, kill” was the official approved chant prior to the invasion of Iraq, for example. It works for establishing the proper mindset, but when released into the peace-enjoying public, sounds like what it is, an illegal invasion of a sovereign country that didn’t provoke an attack. You see what I mean, here? I require Freedom of Speech. The irony of freedom of speech is it’s the enemy of “freedom.” Rules exist everywhere. They are annoying when they cut into the freedom of speech. You can continue to press forward and keep getting deleted or just blog about “Pete and Kate plus 8” or whatever that is.
In the meantime, the main thing I did that violated terms of service was including copyrighted photos with my posts without permission. This blog won’t be as prettied up by photos as it has been, but maybe this great new design, courtesy the folks of WordPress, makes up for that.

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