Rescuing the original Niiice, Dave!

Niiice, DAVE! You lost your Blogging privileges by flouting the Terms of Service at Strong political opinions could have been classified as hate speech, gay topics could have linked to content considered too vulgar. Is it illegal now to denounce Israel and China as sharing a horrendous human rights record? Did I piss off Obama by supporting him too much? You know how he can’t stand his supporters now. Come 2012, he’ll love us again.

Whoever I pissed off, I’m sorry. But if I am to speak freely, then I will piss you off again. Which means frequent backups. It’s hard to be a Semitophile that opposes Zionism, an anti-terrorist that agrees with practically everything they have to say about U.S. hegemony. You constantly walk a tightrope. I get trouble with everyone from fascists to communists, Jews to Muslims, straights AND gays.

Now on with the Recovery Act of 2009.

My entire blog from its beginning until September 5, 2009, is available here as an xml file that WordPress cannot import:

September 5 through Sept 28 have been preserved as Facebook Notes, and I’ll bring those up as the following entries.

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