Reel Pride Fresno LGBT Film Festival – Anybody Wanna Go With Me Tonight or Tomorrow? Call me

Saturday, 8 pm

And Then Came Lola

From one end of The City to the other, Lola runs, jumps, bikes, hikes, Muni’s and hitches with an array of strangers in order to finally come through for Casey and keep her from running off to a villa with DeBuono’s Italian stallion. The soundtrack keeps up with every moment, and features music from lesbian heroes Saucy Monkey (playing LIVE at the Lola post-party, just for Fresno audiences!). This is the lesbian rom-com of the year, impossible to turn away from (for both the action and the actors)…while Lola may have found the one she wishes to slow down for, she has no choice but to run run run in order to fulfill her fantasies.

Saturday, 10 pm


No one under 17 admitted. Contains graphic nudity, sex, language, drug use, and violence.

UK gangs in their nature are homophobic, so being on the DL while participating in gay-bashing is particularly hard for Cal, the 18 year old hottie in the center of this gritty drama. Cal’s love for his best friend and more violent member of the gang is put to the test when Cal’s heart goes out to a sweet French visitor, beaten just for being who he is.

Sunday, 1 pm

Prodigal Sons

* 2008, USA, 86min

When the most popular boy at school plans to return home to the country for his high school reunion, friends tend to flock to see what he’s been up to since leading the football team as quarterback or dating the hottest girl in school. When that boy is now a grown woman, will the flock stay or stray?

Sunday, 3 pm

Ferron: Girl on a Road

Ferron fans can rejoice in this first-ever documentary look at her life, career, and new beginnings as she puts together her original band and hits the road for a new adventure. For those who don’t yet know Ferron, this exquisite documentary will bring you to tears as you learn of the roller coaster of joys and sorrows that have filled this iconic singer/songwriters life.

Sunday, 5 pm

The Man Who Loved Ivigne

Set in 1989 Norway, just after the fall of the Berlin Wall, with spot-on period music (The Cure, Jesus and Mary Chain, etc), high school student Jarle starts a band with his best friend and hooks up with Katrine, the girl of his dreams.

Life is going well, and then Yngve, a new student, shows up.

Sunday, 8 pm, $15.00

Eddier and Thea, A Very Long Engagement

Two women sit watching a slideshow of their life together and remember the night they met and how they danced together for hours. A Very Long Engagement’ is a tender double portrait of two elderly women whose shared life is both ordinary — filled with trips, work and milestones like getting engaged and buying their first home — and extraordinary. Extraordinary because Edie and Thea met in the closeted early sixties, and their lives unfolded against a backdrop of radical cultural change.

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