9/23/09: Check Out The Photos of Kooloaula (Abutilon menziesii)

Why am I excited about Kooloaula (Abutilon menziesii)? Because during a walk outside the hotel in Hawai’i I was at, I came upon this unusual little bush and took two pictures of it. Well, I posted them on Flickr® and marked them with a Creative Common license, which basically means you can legally have the picture for free, just credit me if you use it. Kooloaula (Abutilon menziesii) grows exclusively in forests in the Hawaiian islands that are located in the coastal rain shadow areas. Island rain shadows are micro climates that get very little rain, while at the same time living in constant humidity. Well, ARKive found them and asked for inclusion my pictures of Kooloaula, and now they are in the ARKikve! Check out all the other pics that show its amazing flower!

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