WY 2016 Storm 42 – Weak Minor Storm

SATURDAY 160206 – 0:15 PST

Arriving late Friday night and providing light rain totals in the Oregon and NorCal Coastal locations, this weak, slow-moving system lapping in from a system offshore is giving just a glance to the California far northwest coast and moving across most of Oregon. It is so weak, the barometric pressure in Crescent City dipped only to 30.3 Hg when the storm went over, providing the notoriously wet location .12 of an inch of rain. The area is otherwise the site of the top of a rapidly intensifying high pressure ridge, Stable Air Regime 9, which actually the big weather story right now.


WY 2016 Stable Air Regime 9

SATURDAY 160206 0100 PST —–

SoCal: Santa Ana Winds Into Week of Monday, 160209

As Stable Air Regime 9 builds from Friday, 160205 into Monday, 160209, offshore Northeasterly Santa Ana winds reaching 50 MPH in the SoCal mountains are predicted to affect Los Angeles and Ventura counties, and be accompanied by rising temperatures and humidity lowering into the teens.

THURSDAY 160204 ——–

Are you ready for some heat? Got that beach body ready to show off in public? Because here comes Super Bowl Weekend, and it’s going to be a super warm super delight.


University of Washington Model forecast for Monday places California in the warmth of a high pressure ridge getting fed subtropical heat by a low pressure trough off shore. On Super Bowl Sunday the warming trend in Super Bowl City will be well on its way. With the 49ers and Raiders not in the game, why not just DVR the game and get outside and enjoy the great outdoors?


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