Fresno Bee Columnist Eli Setencich Dead at 90

[Obituary] Hey, my fellow older Fresnans, remember Eli Setencich, the columnist for The Bee? Just turn to the B section of the paper and there it was, a window in the form of witty writings on Fresno and the Valley.
He always kept an eye on misdoings at City Hall, and didn’t miss any Fresno trends, like teenagers bumping loud bass music.
I’ll always remember how the Localized Fresno Edition of the Monopoly board game, rife with conservative opinions on its “chance” cards, had one blasting Eli (and then advancing the player two spaces).
Indeed, ever since Eli stopped writing for The Bee (retired in 2002), I never knew what City Hall was up to again.

Link ( Longtime Bee columnist Setencich dies at age 90


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